+91 702 1005 183 info@mastyatri.com
+91 702 1005 183 info@mastyatri.com

VIP Tour Packages

VIP Tour Packages or the incentives for directors, CEO or any senior member is a task to handle. Where do you send a person who is already well traveled? We at mastyatri.com consult these itineraries to make them an experience. We customize the entire trip with your expectation and our experience. 

It could be sending them with their families or an all-senior group for a treat of their lives.

This package can be add-ons to other packages as well. you can have a four-hour yacht party or a one-day pool party. You can also do a `Gala Dinner’ at a renowned club in Bangkok or Pattaya. We will book a VIP section of the club, complete with drinks, snacks and dinner buffet. 

Here are some highlights:

  • Limousine Pickup
  • VIP visa clearance (Thailand only)
  • Yacht Parties
  • Villa with pools
  • Villa Parties
  • Gentlemen Club Entries
  • VIP Clubbing
  • Private Pool Party

…and many more