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Group Booking Policies

It is advised that all group tours be booked three months in advance. This way you can save a lot of money specifically on airfare. The terms are most suitable for all group travels but mostly are inclined towards Thailand packages. 

Land Cost, Airfares and Transfers

Group Package

The package includes a detailed itinerary made by travel experts who have visited that country.

A group package does not entitle you `special facilities’ other than a smooth travel experience.

Airline, airport, transfer, and hotel rules apply and not that of the travel company.

All travel companies are service providers; we do not own any airline, hotels, etc.   


Airline Group Fare

Flight tickets more than nine in numbers come under group fare. This is for the fact that you cannot book more than nine tickets online.

Group fare does not mean you will get the cheap fare. They will always be higher from the prices you get on the portals.

Once you have booked tickets in the group fare category you cannot reduce or increase the no. of tickets.

If you cancel one ticket all the other ticket also gets canceled. The new group rates will be as per new rates.

If you want to increase the tickets, it will as per the new rates of that day.

However, if you increase the no. of tickets in a group fare, the airline might give you better rates which are lesser than market rates.



 The tour bus/van will reach on time and will leave at the designated time.

You are requested to reach 10 min. earlier at the given time.

If you miss the bus, there will be no separate arrangement. You will have to either cancel or reach the place yourself.

In case you want us to book a cab, the same will be charged extra.

Drinking alcohol is prohibited on the bus. If you are found drinking, you might be asked to get down.

While coming from the airport to Pattaya there will be no stops. Kindly take water, things to eat, etc. beforehand.


Meals, Gala Dinner and Indian Food


Hotels serve buffet breakfast. It is a mix of veg and non-veg food which includes American, Indian, and other nationalities cuisine.

Veg meals are limited and Travel Company has no say in it.

If you want special meals it can be booked for your group at an extra cost. 

Indian food served for lunch and dinners as part of the package is at local restaurants which are equivalent to dhabas in India.

Gala Dinner Inclusion

A hall or a restaurant rented for 3 hours

The hall/restaurant will have disco lights and DJ music

It consists of 2 Vegetarian and 2 Non-vegetarian Snacks

The buffet will have salad, curd, pickle, dal, 2 Sabzi’s, 1 non-veg dish, rice, and Indian Bread

This gala dinner option is also available with Alcohol. The alcohol will be served for 1-hour.


Indian Food

Indian food can be served for lunches and dinner

The Restaurants that provide Indian food in Thailand are equivalent to dhabas in India.

Booking done in these restaurants is not exclusive for your group. There will be more than 2-3 other groups at the same time slot.

We can book fine dine restaurants which provide authentic Indian food at extra cost

Kindly note you will not get authentic Indian taste in Thailand. However, it will be the best Indian food in Thailand.



Beer/cola will be charged as per the bar menu

Any snacks ordered other than mentioned in the buffet, will be charged extra