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How do I get Visa on Arrival (VOA)?

Beginning 01 September 2017 a visa fee of INR. 2000/- (Tourist single entry) will be applicable. On arrival visa fee would be (VOA) 2000 THB (Tourist single entry).
The new visa fee will be applicable for applications submitted on 31 August 2017 at CHENNAI, BANGALORE and HYDERABAD CENTRES.

You can get all VOA details and more information in my Blog

How do I get the Thai visa from India?

These days it is better to get the Thai Visa in India itself to avoid any last minute problem or long VOA (Visa on Arrival) queue at Bangkok Airport. Somehow the queues are getting bigger and bigger especially at Suvarnabhumi Airport. Check out full details here.

I’m a first time traveler, how shall I prepare myself?

Book a Air Ticket and Book a Hotel. These two confirmation had to be attached along with the Visa Form. You can get all the details and more information in my Blog.

I Have a layover at Bangkok for 8 Hrs. Where can I keep my luggage at the airport as I want to explore the city?

There are 2 left luggage counters at the Suvarnabhumi Airport

Level 2 – `Arrivals’ The Left Luggage (Left is the company Name) Counter is located on the Level 2 (near the escalator – behind EXIT 4 area)

Level 4 – `Departures’ – The Left Luggage Counter is located on the Level 4 (near the entrance of Entrance 4)

Storage charges:

Each item deposited will be charged at the rate of THB 100.00 per 24-hour period.
Items stored for over 24 hours will be charged at a rate of THB 50.00 per 12-hour period (any part of the 12 hour will be charged at THB 50.00).


If the items are deposited for more than 3 months (92 days), the charge per 24-hour period will be THB 200.00 per item. Any deposits not collected within 6 months (180 days) will become the property of the depository.
NO jewelry, watches, antiques, gold, cash, credit cards, perishable goods, fragile articles, electric appliances, mobile phone, shaver, CD player, MP3 player, portable computer, camera (film or digital) or VDO camera accepted.

Most important:

They will issue a slip to you, be aware, without that piece of paper you will not be able to reclaim your bags without an incredible amount of hassle, so do not lose it.

Where is the `Left Counter’ at Don Mueng Airport?

The ‘Left Baggage’ counter is on the second floor of the Domestic Terminal at Don Mueang near the check-in desks in the departure area. It is nothing more than a small glass-fronted counter.

It is clearly signed with a couple of large overhead signs also pointing to it .

Whats the best mode of transport to reach Pattaya from Bangkok?

`A BUS’ that would be the best transport to reach Pattaya. Its cost effective and it’s fast. It will cost you flat 150-250Baht. If you have landed in Suvaranbhumi Airport read my detailed Blog Here, and if you have landed at Don Mueang Airport read my detailed Blog Here.

Why should I hire a guide, what benefits do I get hiring `a guide’?

There are lot of reason to hire a guide. My top two reason are, they save TIME and MONEY.

The guide off coarse will come at a price. The price at times might look higher but it’s not. Let me tell you how…

Check out here.

What’s are basic do and don’t at the Airport?

Always remember you are at an International Airport with International crowd.
Don’t come in a night suit, just because its comfortable. I’m sure there are other comfortable options available.
You don’t have to move around in groups. Scatter guys it’s a huge airport, explore.
Don’t wear those faded T-shirts at the airport.
Smell good, use a deodorant. If you have forgotten, buy it, its duty free remember.

What are some of the things to take care, while on boarding a flight?

Do reply to the good Morning of the Air hostess.
If she doesn’t, you can or should wish. It could be a simple `Hi’.
Don’t put your luggage onto somebody else bag or suitcase.
You can however put the luggage in an upright position.
Don’t push your seat back when food is served.
When the hostess says, it not available…don’t counter why. It’s not there move on. I’m talking about the food or drinks options.
Book your food when your booking your tickets. You will get more options. You will also get served first in the flight.
Inflight food options are limited to 2 or 3.
Don’t Open your Shoes

Some people were very loud in the hallway, what should I do?

I understand some people forget the basic manners at the hotel. I have written some of the things which should be avoided. The best thing you can do is complain the hotel management. Rather than getting in an argument with the people.

People coming specially in the group tend to do these things.
Don’t be loud in the hallway. This is not a dormitory where you could laugh out loud and nobody is affected.
Coming from the pool in your swimming shots to your room is a different story. Don’t roam around in your `Lungies’ or going bare chest in the hallways. It might be a national dress at home, not here.
Don’t bang the doors, the walls are thin. All the people on your floor can hear that.
If you are in a group and if you have booked the adjacent room, doesn’t mean you own the floor. Respect the privacy of other people. Keep quite.
You don’t have to regroup in the hallway if you have come in a big group. Gather at the reception or even outside of the hotel

What are some do and don’t at the pool in a hotel?

Pool sides are not picnic spots. For most of the people it’s a recreational activity, it soothes them. People relax, sleep and chill at the pool. Don’t make it a playground, behave and keep your volume down.
Avoid taking pictures at the pool.
Don’t wear your Bermuda’s and go into the pool. Buy a swimwear. It’s mandatory.

Do you have customer service?

All quires should be send to info@mastyatri.com.

Are Night Club/Disco different than India? What precautions should I take?

Night clubs in Pattaya are no different than India. But Pattaya clubs are more wilder and sexier. They are open till 2:00AM some even are open till 4:00AM. Some do’s and don’t…


Dress well. You can wear whatever way you want to though, but some clubs can deny you entry
Wearing a party wear is ideal. That you do in Indian clubs as well.
You can ask a girl for drink. That’s all it takes…repeat `THAT’S ALL IT TAKES’.
You can ask for a dance as well…if you feel like being `SUBTLE’ or you are too shy.


Since you are on a holiday, doesn’t mean you can go in shorts and flip flop everywhere.
One dress for all occasion is not cool at all.
If she say’s `NO’ for a drink, move on, don’t ask her again
Don’t ever bother arguing with a bouncer, just leave. You will be bounced no matter what you say.
Guys dancing with guys…not cool, this is Pattaya guys if you don’t get a girl here you will not get one anywhere.
Never Ever share your your beer. In India its normal to buy a 650ml beer bottle and share between two people. But in the rest of the world if you do that, you are considered `CHEAP CHARLIE’.
All of Pattaya/Bangkok serves only Pints (Beer). So please don’t share. Two people two Pints.

Should Know

There is entry fee or covering charges in some of the clubs. Basically, what money you pay at the entry is redeemed for drink/s
However, some good clubs would charge you entry fee which is not redeemable. This is another way of telling you, you are not welcome. Some clubs will do that, just move on.