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Thailand Full Moon Party

About Full Moon Party

More than 35,000 people make the full moon party an event to watch. The party happens at Ko Pha Ngan Island on Haad Rin Beach. The theme of the party is color yourself and get drunk. Alcohol is available in buckets (Coke, Thai Red Bull, and 375 ml of alcohol).

Full Moon PartyBefore you get happy, it is for sharing among friends or be gone before the party starts. The party starts at 10 PM and goes until wee hours in the morning. Yes, full moon party happens on full moon day every month.

Reaching the Full Moon Party at Ko Pha Ngan Island

There are cheap ferries from Koh Samui and Koh Tao going regularly. The journey is just 30 minutes and return fare is 300THB. Speedboat option is also available for 900THB and it takes 10-20 Minutes.

Bus to kho Pha Ngan

From Bangkok – The fastest way to Koh Pha Ngan is to take a short flight to Koh Samui and catch a ferry to the island. There are also budget-friendly overnight bus & boat options (450-600THB) you can purchase from travel agents in Bangkok. They will drop you at Surat Thani and from there you take the ferry.



Ferry to Kho Pha Ngan

The route from Krabi – You can take bus and ferry/speedboat combo. The journey takes 5 hours and costs 700-900THB. You are dropped at Surat Thani and ferry/speedboat takes you to Koh Phangan. The flight option route available is – Phuket Airport to Koh Samui to Koh Phangan.



Speed Boat to Koh Phangan

Journey From Phuket to Koh Phangan – The bus and ferry journey is long and takes more than nine hours. The journey will cost you 600THB for Bus-Ferry and 1400THB for bus and speedboat. The best option would be by air. Bangkok Air has regular flights. The flight drops you at Koh Samui as there is no airport at Koh Phangan. From there you have the usual option of ferry/speedboat. However, it comes at a high price from 3000-5000THB.

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The best stay would be staying at the Ko Pha Ngan Island. Accommodations are sold out on Koh Pha Ngan the week before and after the Full Moon Party. Hotels do insist that you book at least a three-night stay during the party period. The other option is to book a hotel at Koh Samui. Traveling to the venue will take 30 minutes on a ferry. If you are staying at Ko Tao, the journey time is one hour and return fare would be 1000THB.

Single Traveler Tip – You do not have to book online in advance. They are mostly expensive. Simply go early (4-5 days) and you will find cheapest of the options.

Surviving the Full Moon Party

Full Moon Party

Keep a copy of passport and have a business card of your hotel. If you get high the passport helps as identification and business card helps the driver to drop you at the location. The adequate money would be around 3000THB including taxi fare. Keep the taxi fare in some other pocket.

Full Moon Party

Do wear footwear at all time. You might step on broken glasses vomit etc. Do not go in the ocean. People high do not want to go to the toilet, which is far.

Full Moon Party

Keep yourself hydrated it’s a long party and if you don’t see the sunset the full moon party ritual is not over. Finally, carry condoms sex happens!

Single Traveler Tip – Buy things that are far off from the venue. Alcohol at 7/11 and food at restaurants is cheap.