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Top Five Pattaya

Top Five Places to Eat

After so much partying, you have to eat for sure. Here are my pics for you. I would love to put the street vendors also, but its hard to pin point there locations.

But you have to try the `Thai Cold Coffee’ which you get on the streets.

Top Five Tourist Places

Walking Street, Alcazar Show, Floating Market, Cartoon Network Amazone Waterpark, in my Pattaya Specials section. These are the must-see options of Pattaya.

Coral Island is touristy, but you should not miss Sanctuary Of Truth and Noong Nooch Garden.

Top Five Gentlemen's Club

Gentlemen Club for me are for afternoon fun. Not that they are not open in the night, but I like these places in the day. These Places usually open at around 2:00 in the afternoon.

Not to be mistaken for the high end Bangkok Gentlemen Club where you can spend a fortune.

Top Five Night Clubs/Discos

Well if you want to dance on exclusive music, hip-hop, techno, trance, club etc. these night clubs will make your groove. With the best Dj’s in the town and the best cocktails these places are the best to shake a leg.

So dress to kill and pick any of the top 5 according to me…

Top Five A Gogo Bars Pattaya

There are bars and then there are A goGo bars. The difference is the gogo bar is a combination of a bar and a strip club. They have live shows, they have more girls, the atmosphere is livelier than a bar and strip club.

Top Five Soapy Massage

The Soapy Massage, it should be the first thing you should do when you reach Bangkok. The soapy massage is also called the body to body massage. Therefore, no hands are used in this massage. Interesting, read on…

Top Five Pattaya Beaches

Unlike Phuket, Pattaya has very few beaches to explore and most of them are adjacent. None than less Pattaya has it top five. Click to explore…