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Bali Adventure Sports

Bali Adventure Sports

ATV Rides, Dirt Biking, Mountain Cycling and More...

Cycling Tour in Bali

Bali Adventure Sports – Bicycle tours are available for half and full day. The cycling tours take you out from the touristy locations to the heart of Bali. Cruise through rice fields, jungle, and Bali countryside. You can choose between less difficult terrains to more adventure and professional biker tours. Trips from six kilometers to eight kilometers are available, which also include an uphill ride. 

A guide accompanies you throughout. Numerous stops en-route help you enjoy the beauty and heart of Bali. The guide will also explain the art and culture of Bali.

Tours include pick and drop from your hotel. All gears are given. The trip also includes refreshments and lunch. Check out the Bali package details here. Do mention if you want a cycling tour in your package.  

Dirt Biking

Ride through waterfalls, mountainous terrains, jungles, paddy fields and beaches and marvel at the views Bali has to offer. Bali has lot trails to offer which are suitable for all level of riders. Pick and drop is given and so are the safety gears, helmet, goggles, boots, gloves etc. You and your bike are also insured.

Refreshment and lunch are also part of the tour. Since it is risky guides take extra care and make it injury-free experience. You can book for four hours; Eight hours to 2-day tours a well.

Book your Bali package here. Do add dirt biking as a part of your package.

Are you ready to be amazed?

Bali Mountain Biking

Bali has everything, adventure sports at the sea, breath taking sunset, beautiful paddy fields and the mountains providing exiting trails for mountain biking. Bali has a fabulous topography that offers superb mountain biking experiences while at the same time allowing riders to see a side of Bali that few tourists get to experience.

Mountain biking cost Rs.4,000/-onwards for tour you have to pay Rs.2000/- (Tentative) as bike hire. You can also get insurance for extra charge.

Book your Bali package here. Do add mountain biking as a part of your package.

ATV Ride Bali

There are a lot of places that provide these rides. The ride goes through rice fields, tropical garden, bamboo, local farming and much more attraction. Do bring in extra clothes, sunscreen, and mosquito repellent as the rides go through muddy terrain.

The rides set you back Rs.4000/-. Pick and up drop are provided. The place provides you with shower facilities with changing room and toilet. Well-maintained bikes and safety gears are given. The rides last for two hours.

Book your Bali package here. Do add Atv Ride biking as a part of your package.