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A soapy massage guide answering 32 questions

Although not typically categorized as nightlife, a soapy massage remains a popular activity for newcomers to Thailand. Having fielded numerous questions on this topic over the years, I have compiled a comprehensive guide that answers 32 of the most common inquiries regarding soapy massages. This soapy massage guide includes tips on where to find the best soapy massage parlours, as well as recommendations for top locations in Bangkok, Pattaya, and Chiang Mai. Additionally, it offers detailed information on what to expect and the finer points to keep in mind when visiting a soapy massage establishment.

1. What is a soapy massage?

Get ready for a massage experience like no other! Instead of hands, this foam-tastic treatment uses the whole body to work its magic from head to toe. That’s right, it’s a full-on body-to-body massage extravaganza! Check out these detailed blogs for all the sudsy deets: here and here.

2. What is the process of soapy massage in Thailand?

Get ready for the triple threat of relaxation! First up, a soothing bath to wash away all your worries. Then, brace yourself for the main event: a foam-tastic massage that’ll leave you feeling like a fluffy cloud. And to top it all off, snuggle up in bed and bask in the afterglow of ultimate bliss, sex! Read full detailed blogs here and here.

3. How much do soapy massages cost?

There are three types of girls you can choose from. There are fishbowl girls, sideliners and models. The price can go from THB 2,200 to THB 30,000. The high prices are for models and higher for Playboy models.  

4. Is a soapy massage safe?

Definitely! Soapy massage joints are not your typical sketchy massage parlours. These glamorous places are ginormous and resemble a swanky hotel but with an extra zing. Some soapies boast rooms that will blow your mind, complete with a bubbly Jacuzzi.

5. What is a sandwich massage?

Picture this: You’re the juicy patty, and two buns (a.k.a. masseuses) are sandwiching you in. Still not getting it? Prepare for a massage experience that’s juicier than a burger! Picture two masseuses, lathered in foamy goodness, sandwiching you in between. They’ll work their magic, rubbing their bodies on your front and back. It’s a tantalizing treat for your senses!

6. Where can I get a good sandwich massage in Bangkok?

Any soapy massage place will give you a sandwich massage. You just have to pick two girls/masseuses. You can try my favourites – BkkVice, Daisy Dream and Aya Massage.  

7. What is the best time to visit soapy massage parlors?

Listen, there’s no bad time for a rubdown. When you’re craving that cloud-nine feeling, just go for it! But, if you’re looking for the pick of the litter, here’s the scoop: mornings might be a bit slim on masseuse choices, but noons will give you a better crop. And, if you’re looking to hit the jackpot, head in around 6-7 pm when the selection is at its juiciest!

8. Fishbowl girls! What are they?

Let’s dive into the fascinating world of soapy massage parlours! You might have heard about the “fishbowl girls,” who are the lovely ladies sitting behind a glass wall. These girls are known for offering a different level of service and have stunning looks to match. They are called “fishgirls” because of their unique position. The “fishbowl girls” go the extra mile and are experienced professionals who have been in the industry for a while.

9. Who are Sideline girls?

Meet the Sideline Girls! They’re the gorgeous freelancers who hang out in the customer lounge, not the ‘fishbowl’. Picture this: bubbly bathtubs, and a Sideline gal giving you a sultry body-to-body massage. But, no post-bath body massages, sorry.

These ladies are young and darn pretty, with ages ranging from 18 to 25. So, it’s no surprise they come with a higher price tag, but they’re worth it! When you’re ready to dive into the ultimate soapy massage experience, the Sideline Girls are where it’s at!

10. Do the soapies have Model category as well? How are they different?

Get ready to rub shoulders with the elite! Soapy models are the crème de la crème, the talk of the town, and boy, are they pricey! Now, don’t go expecting Vogue cover girls at the massage parlour, but these models are the tallest, the thinnest, the youngest, and with the lightest skin. And let’s not forget their stunning bods!

These beauties sit on the top row of the fishbowl, wearing a special badge of honour, and charging top dollar. These soap stars range from 3,500 baht to a whopping 10,000 baht. Get ready to indulge in the best of the best!

Soapy Massage Bangkok

11. Can I get STD at a soapy?

The female individuals are subjected to thorough health screenings by the establishments on a monthly basis to ensure they are disease-free. For your safety and enjoyment, a complimentary condom is provided; kindly utilize it during intimate encounters.

12. Do you have to tip the massage girls after Soapy Massages?

Woohoo! If your experience rocks, show some love to the folks who made it happen by tipping them. A tip of THB 100-500 is a sweet way to say “You’re the best!” but totally optional.

13. Do I get sex in a soapy massage?

Yes you do.

14. What is the time duration given for a soapy massage?

Get ready to buckle up for a 90-minute joy ride with a few pit stops along the way! This session is packed with multiple stages that’ll have you grinning from ear to ear.

15. What if I don’t like the girl’s lineup? Do they misbehave or I have to pay some monies?

 Just a little reminder – if none of the lovely ladies catches your eye, you’re free to leave anytime. No pressure at all to choose anyone. It’s all up to you!

Soapy Massage Bangkok

16. Where are the best soapy massage parlors in Bangkok?

While massage parlors can be found throughout Bangkok, for the best soapy massage experience, we recommend visiting the area of Huay Kwang. This district boasts the highest concentration of massage entertainment clubs in the city.

17. Can I take the girls to my hotel?

Can you rock the boat and ask management if you can meet the lady during business hours? Short answer: Nope, don’t even try it, friend. However, you could sneakily chat with the lady herself but don’t hold your breath. Most likely, she’ll only be free after the clock strikes twelve. If you’re feeling adventurous, try reaching out to the sideliners/freelancers. They might just be the ones to help you out!

18. Is it legal to go to a soapy massage parlour?

Hey, I get what you’re pondering! You’re curious if soapies are, well, safe? Here’s the scoop: while prostitution is a no-no in Thailand, soapies seem to dance around the rules like a pro. They qualify as entertainment, and the Thai folks seem okay with it. So, to answer your question, I’ve been enjoying soapies since 2013, and it’s been smooth sailing. No worries!

19. Where can I find soapy massages in Thailand?

Bangkok tops the charts then Pattaya, and Chaing Mai.

20. According to you which are the best soapies in Bangkok?

I have my top five in Bangkok which are BkkVice, Daisy Dream, Aya Massage, Utopia and Colonze 2. You can check the full details here.

Madame Claude Nuru Massage

21. What the best soapy massage parlours in Pattaya

22. What are the best soapy massage parlours in Chaing Mai?

Chiang Mai top soapy massage check here.  

23. How many times/shots I can do at a soapy?

Ah, the golden rule is one shot per 90-minute massage session. But, if you’re feeling extra fancy, you can always ask for one more from the “pretty” masseuse for an additional fee. Or, you could opt to extend the massage session and indulge in more shots. The choice is yours!

24. How are the rooms in a soapy massage?

Now, the old soapy massage place rooms might not be shiny and new, but let’s be real, most of them are pretty darn good! And if you’re feeling extra picky, they offer a variety of rooms to choose from. You can even go VIP with fancy Jacuzzis or super comfy beds. Talk about living the good life!

25. What is the difference between Nuru Massage and Soapy Massage?

Picture this: A typical soapy massage uses soap or shampoo to work up a bubbly lather, sending shivers down your spine. But, behold the Nuru massage! This takes things up a notch with the use of Nuru gel – a super slippery and therapeutic substance that will take your pleasure game to a whole new level. Get ready for a tantalizing experience like no other!

Bangkok Top Five Soapy Massage

26. Are there qualities in Nuru Gel?

Oh, sweetie, you asked the million-dollar question, and the answer is a resounding YES! Gel quality can vary by the establishment. I’m no expert, but if they’re charging a few extra bucks, you might be in for a real treat. I’ve had some divine experiences at BkkVice, Daisy Dream, and Aya Massage, so why not give them a whirl?

27. Are soapy massages only available in Thailand?

Well, the best ones are and the rest are cheap copies.

28. Are soapy massages expensive?

Well, a soapy massage is a soapy massage and that’s that. In comparison to the experience, benefits, exoticness and wellness I would say it’s cheap!  

29. How many times you have gone for a soapy massage?

Every year since 2013 minus the lockdown!

30. Can you throw a bachelor part in a soapy massage parlour?

You can! If you want us to deliver then you have to book the travel package with us. We will do the rest.  FYI. Maria and Black Caviar are best for bachelor parties but come with a big price tag.

Thailand’s Naughty Guide
Thailand’s Naughty Guide for Adults Only!

31. Do soapies have bar or food options?

Liquor is everywhere. Food options varies from soapy to soapy like Maria (Ratchada) have very good food options. Black Caviar is famous for fine dine.

32. Can women go for a soapy massage?

Well, I would not know much but Body Bliss Bangkok does provide service to women, that’s all I can tell.

What to do once you are inside a soapy massage?

Prepare for a heart-racing adventure, first-timers! Brace yourself for a feast of beauty, with a lineup of exquisite masseuses, each with a unique colour and number. You’ll be handed a menu with different prices for each color-number duo. Once you’ve picked your dream masseuse, call the papasan or mamasan, and pay upfront. Then, get whisked away to your room, where you can upgrade to a Jacuzzi room for extra fun. Sip on a drink, relax, and peruse your options. The rest? Well, read in detail here.

34. I am India I was shown a different menu which shows THB 1000 extra.

Some soapies in Thailand implement a “foreigner tax,” resulting in a higher fee for farangs, compared to what Thai nationals pay.

35. Do soapy massage parlours deny entry to certain nationalities?

“Negative!” I haven’t heard of any soapies that turn away certain nationalities. However, when it comes to GoGo bars, that’s a whole different story. Sadly, I’ve encountered racism there and even wrote about it in my blog. But hey, on the bright side, some soapies even have wheelchair access! So, don’t hesitate and dive in headfirst!

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36. I don’t like using condoms, is it allowed?


37. I went for a soapy massage they just bathed me and then I was in bed for sex.

Yes, this happening in some soapy massage parlours. I had the same experience at Rasputin in Pattaya. The best advice I can give is to confirm with papasan and then pay.

38. Is there an entry fee?

No soapy massage parlour will charge you an entry fee.

39. What are the benefits of a soapy massage?

Unwind and loosen up! Say goodbye to stress, anxiety, and physical discomfort, and hello to a cosy, calm, and collected mindset.

40. Difference between a standard massage and a soapy massage?

Picture this: a massage that’s a slip-and-slide of bubbly goodness! A soapy massage is like no other, as it’s all about getting up close and personal with your massage therapist in a sudsy wonderland. Unlike a typical massage that’s all about those tight muscles, this massage is all about intimacy and sensuality. Get ready to lather up!

I should have thought of a better title for this blog. I have started getting more queries about soapy massage. So here I am! I have added 8 more answers, more to follow.

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