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The Foam, The Lady, The Soapy Massage

The Soapy Massage should be the first thing you should do when you reach Bangkok. The soapy massage is also called the body to body massage. Therefore, no hands are used in this massage. Interesting…then read on…

Where to Find 100 Angels?

As soon as you enter, you will see 50 to 100 girls sitting in front of you. Now, these numbers vary from establishment to establishment or what time of the day you have come. The best time to come is between 5:00-8:00 PM. You will find a maximum number of girls.

All the girls have batches on them. These batches have three different colors and they have numbers written on them. The numbers are for you to identify the girl, tell this number to the manager and he/she will call that girl. However, the colors batches are to tell you the prices. So the girls with red color batches will have the price of 1500-2000Baht the blue batches will have 2500-3500Baht and the purple batches who are models also will have a price tag of 3500-6000Baht. The penthouse models can cost you 10000Baht and above for 1 hour.

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The Bangkok Soapy

There are many differences between Bangkok and Pattaya Soapy. Bangkok usually will have girls behind a glass they are called `fishbowl’ girls. These girls are perfect in the art of soapy massage. They are also more mature.

There are some establishments that will also have Hi-end models for Pent House models as well. You should book these models in advance and you should be ready to pay a premium price.

Bangkok also has another category of girls who specialize in `Nuru Massage’. Nuru massage is a Japanese massage. Which is done with a black gel, instead of oil. I don’t have many details on this as I haven’t experienced it yet. So more on this later. Also, there are more options for soapy in Bangkok. There are around 10-15 in numbers.

The Pattaya Soapy

On the other hand, Pattaya soapy doesn’t have a fishbowl. I haven’t seen any so far. Pattaya also doesn’t have Pent House Models, they just have models. There are just 5-6 soapy in Pattaya. Nuru Massage might be available in one or two soapy only.

Dress code – None actually. But some soapy in Bangkok requires you to even wear a suit. Otherwise, you might be denied entry. These are soapy where you can get the penthouse models.

What to Do When You Are Inside?

Some of the Soapy will provide you with a place to sit and look. You can order a beer and have a look. Since the options are more take your time. Beware though, the mama-san will be pushy to choose a girl fast or push you to the girl which he wants. You can always refuse and they usually go away once you say that you want to take your time. Once you have selected a girl tell the mama-san the number of the girl. He will call the girl and you have to pay the money upfront. They usually don’t accept credit cards. The massage lasts for 90 minutes.

On the way up you will be pushed to buy a lady drink. Don’t Bother.

Always pick a girl who smiles back at you. The disinterested ones might be tired or she doesn’t like you or whatever. If you still pick her because she’s hot, you might not get a good service.

Mast Yatri

Well, what happens when you reach the room, read the second part of this blog.

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