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Difference between Hiring a Yacht and having a Yacht Party?

You hire a yacht get some drinks, snacks, and some music, and Voila! You have a yacht party. Nope, I would say you just screwed a yacht party. Not only that you took out the fun from a yacht party and made it into a conference after party. Which just happened to be in the sea. Imagine this, 20-30 dealers and distributors went on a yacht for 4 hours drank unlimited booze had some snacks danced to tunes, and came back. Well, you could have done that around a pool and it would have cost you less and you would have had more fun. In this blog, we will learn the difference between hiring a yacht and having a yacht party. Then we will learn how to throw an amazing life remembering yacht party.

The Trend

Yacht parties are trending and everybody wants one. Yacht parties were always expensive and they still remain.

Since people started asking, some genius said ok! I will hire a few yachts. I will add food and drinks or I will sell À la carte food on board. Now if you went with this option, I would say you just hired a better version of a boat. Some things lose their charm if you don’t understand a product. Just to make it cost effective some companies ruin the experience for what it could have. For example, pool parties in a club and a pool party in a private pool villa are worlds apart.  In a private villa, the experience is designed exclusively for you. The same goes for a yacht party, it is custom designed for a group of people. You will get what food you want, what drinks you want to have what fun activities you want and the list goes on and on.

There is another scenario that I saw in Pattaya. The advertisement read Amazing Pool Parties with unlimited food and drinks etc. etc. It was like getting a circus ticket and then it’s like a community pool party. Then there are companies who hire a big boat and sell it as a yacht party. Another better version that I spoke about above was simply to hire a yacht with 2+2 snacks and drinks. In both scenarios, you lose the experience part of it. Secondly, it’s not personalized, and thirdly where is the fun if you do not add entertainment onboard?

Yacht Party

How do we do an amazing yacht party?

Let’s start with the basics.


Yacht – There are so many types of yachts and boat options. Just go through the video above for options. The other factor to choose a yacht is the number of people. The motor yacht can accommodate 10 people a big yacht can accommodate up to 60 people. A typical dealer and distributor group comprises 25-30 people, so a catamaran option is the best. A yacht has a limit on how many people can come on board. It becomes critical if your guest accedes in number, they will be denied boarding even if it’s your yacht for 4 hours. This mostly happens in Pattaya where you bring the night company you had for your yacht party.


Food – You usually have a fixed menu on board. However, if you are throwing a party why would you eat somebody else’s food options? You can have whatever you want. Why settle for 2+2 snacks and go for 2+2+2 snacks? It means 2 vegetarian snacks 2 non-vegetarian snacks and 2 seafood options. If you are with a family choose a yacht with barbeque options. This becomes even more important if you are a pure vegetarian from India. Indian vegetarian options vary depending on which part of India you are from. It’s your party and you should have the food you like. Now, how many companies can give you this option should be a criterion in choosing a company?


Music – Most yachts have an in-built music system where music is played. You should get your music and that can be played too. Anyhow, if you hire a yacht for a bachelor or bachelorette party I would say hire a DJ.

What’s with Mast Yatri?

How are they different?

Well, I am writing this blog and I will make sure you know how to throw an absolutely stunning yacht party. Let’s explore more options that can be done with a yacht party.


Theme it out – Depending on the occasion we can set the mood of the yacht. Whether it’s a birthday party, wedding celebration, or reunion party we can set the mood as soon as you enter the yacht. So, it can be a cigar party with mates, a poker table, or a magician for your kid’s birthday party.


Set the mood – Is your group which shakes their legs on a music system or do you want a live band to inspire your guest to shake a leg? If it’s a corporate party or a wedding celebration why not hire a DJ? Play Headbanger rock, classic rock, EDM, or the pure Bollywood Nasha, we get you DJs accordingly.


You are at the Sea – What to do once the yacht anchors? We do swimming, snorkeling, kayaking, fishing, and even jet skiing. Not all yachts have these options, like jet skiing. You have to hire a different yacht or ask the service provider if the same can be upgraded. A lot of people cannot swim we can even add a professional `caretaker’ as a security measure. These come at an extra cost but are worth it.          


The Liquid Courage – You can carry your own liquor or hire a cocktail expert. You can suggest your favorites or let the bartender do his thing. This way non-alcoholic people can enjoy too. You are in the middle of the sea enjoying cocktails with an umbrella on a glass or a coconut with rum.

Entertainment! Entertainment! and Entertainment!

The key to a successful yacht party is the extras. A dealer and distributor group are all men. So we need entertainment in the form of shows. A belly dancing show goes a long way. To make it interesting how about a bikini waitress or the other way around for a bachelorette party? For a reunion party, it could be a cigar party with a pool table with some exotic dancers in the middle. A bachelor and bachelorette party in Thailand has a large bouquet of entertainment. We do need to customize these shows, activities, and games as per occasion, so do call for customization. We will handle all your travel and party needs end-to-end.


The dealers and distributors on a Yacht

The dealers and distributor groups have their own challenges. One, the groups are large, most of them cross 50+ pax. Two, they are tight on budget. Even if you choose the basic options for a yacht party the cost will remain high. The only recommendation I can make here is to change the way you look at a yacht party. Let me be straight forward the `real yacht parties’ don’t come cheap. However, they are amazing and will be remembered for a long time. The option of a yacht party on a typical 2 day in Bangkok and 2 Nights in Pattaya with all meals and one gala dinner will set the bar high. Your dealers will be more excited to visit Pattaya for a different reason altogether – Fun.

The other thing I can suggest is to throw a yacht party for a selected few who have achieved bigger targets. It can be a distributor’s only yacht party with a limo pickup and a pool villa party.

Yacht parties are luxurious, offer sophistication, and are exclusive, Period.

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