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Gogo Bar Terms You Should Know

Now you will hear the term ST and LT in a gogo bar. ST is a short time, which is 2 hrs. LT is a long time which technically is 12hrs but if you pick a girl at 12 midnight she will leave by 6 in the morning but if she is tired she will have breakfast and go by 10. Though the breakfast is not mandatory you can/should be nice to her, as she was last night.

Remember, when you take a girl out on ST she might not go to your hotel if it’s far off. So you have to rent an ST room nearby which will cost you another 350-500Baht extra. You don’t need to find that room she will take you there.

The Other Person That Matters

MAMA-SAN – AKA the manager, she is the one-point contact for taking the girl out in all gogo bars. She will negotiate all the prices. In the case of any dispute, she is the one you should talk to.  Things like the girl left you after she reached the hotel. They do make excuses sometimes, like her friend’s birthday or she left her kid behind, etc. In that case, you need to speak with mama-san. You can get a refund or another girl. Here I also like to mention that all girls have numbers, you should remember that number. As I’m very sure you will forget her name. In the case of a dispute or the next day you want to take her out again, you need to tell that number to Mama-san.

Dress Code at Gogo Bar – Be Good, Look Good

I know most of you will think what am I talking about, but looking good doesn’t kill anybody. I have seen guys roaming full day in the Pattaya heat with their shorts and faded T-shirts and by evening they will straight away go into A gogo bar or a disco. The girls just dismiss you for the way you smell. Well, go home take a shower put on your best Deo/perfume. Get dressed, even jeans and a t-shirt will do. Better would be dress to kill, wear party wear.

By the way, putting perfume on a sweaty shirt doesn’t cover the stench, it makes it even worse. Since you are on vacation, one dress for all occasions shouldn’t be the norm. Don’t we all buy special clothes for special occasions, a vacation is that special occasion. Since it’s Bangkok, I don’t carry clothes from India, I buy from Bangkok, it’s cheap and they have huge malls.

Guys, Understand This Perfectly…Behave!!

One girl one guy is a norm. One girl two guys if you pick her from the street, one girl 3 guys are considered rape even by escorts. That’s where the problem lies, guys give them respect and treat them with respect. There are plenty of options to fulfill all your fantasies. She is human and not a machine where you want to get the maximum productivity.

Some guys have ruined the fun for others and some of the establishments have made an opinion that people coming from that country are all like this. Some Agogos are becoming indifferent to people who come from these countries and stopping them at the gate itself. 

The Code To Follow at Gogo Bar

Agogos are not bars where you go and just drink and listen to music. It’s more than that, so unless you are not looking for that extra, don’t go there. Agogos are working hard to make it entertaining and you have to pay for that entertainment. Period.

If you want to drink alone that’s fine, but you go in just to see, it’s not welcome.

Don’t touch a girl till you buy her a drink. They might not say anything to you the first time or the second time but the third can get you in trouble. See but don’t touch, pay for her drink and she’s all yours.

It’s good to offer drinks to mama-san. Chivalry works.

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If you are stopped at the gate, try slipping a 100bahts to the bouncer. You can also show off all the money you got in your pocket. They usually stop you as they think you won’t spend money inside. If you are still refused, don’t take it to your heart. There are plenty of options.

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