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Walking Street Vs Soi 6 Pattaya Vs Soi LK Metro

The Walking Street, Soi 6 Pattaya and LK Metro are somewhat the three red pillars of Pattaya. These three are famous for adult entertainment. The Walking Street is synonymous around the world and very famous. Soi 6 is an acquired taste and those who like don’t go to the Walking Street. Soi LK Metro is still hidden from tourists. LK Metro is best for people who don’t like a crowd. Guys like me who frequent Pattaya will only go to nightclubs in the Walking Street. If you want to enjoy a `Gogo’ Walking Street and Soi LK Metro are the best places. These two places open after 7:00 PM only, whereas, Soi 6 opens as early as 11:00 AM. The Walking Street fun goes till the wee hours of the morning. Soi 6 Pattaya loses its charge by 11:00 PM and Soi LK Metro fizzes out by 1:00 Midnight.

I have had my share of fun in Pattaya. For the past five years, I am taking large groups (50-100) of tourists to Pattaya. I always chit-chat with these groups and ask their opinions and experiences. I will share those experiences and their take on the three red pillars of Pattaya. Before you read further you can read in detail about Soi 6 Pattaya and the Walking Street.

Soi LK Metro

This area can be called a smaller version of the Walking Street. Area vise it is even shorter than the Soi 6, its just 200 meters. However, the surroundings have the best bars and massage shops. You have a cluster of `A gogo’ Bars, beer bars, sports bars, and the famous devil’s den. The touch, sugar-sugar, Champagne Agogo, and Kink are some of the well-known a gogo’s here. The groups from India don’t know about this place. The selected few who knew came here for devil’s den. Now devil’s den provides special services which I let you Google. However, solo travelers and the young India brigade frequent the gogos of LK Metro. Soi LK Metro is also a good place to visit in the afternoons. You have some very good hostess bars like Soi 6. You will find a row of massage shops which are famous for extras. 

The other reason to come to Soi LK Metro is the prices. The cost of drinks starts at 59 Baht. The girls are less pushy for drinks. Just opposite Soi LK Metro, there is an area called Soi Buakhao. This area has some beer bar complexes, food joints, and a night market. Some of the food joints like Chunky Monkey and Hungry Hippo serving breakfasts for less than a hundred baht. The lunches and dinners are priced under 150 Baht. In the bar section, you can check Cheap Charlie’s, The Marquee Bar, Scooters Bar, and Beer Hubb. Since this area is off the second road it’s a good place to stay. If you plan to stay long the hotels provide a monthly rate too. The one thing that Soi LK metro doesn’t have is a nightclub. The Walking Street is the only place where you will find all nightclubs.

Soi 6 Pattaya

The Naughtiest of the Three Red Pillars of Pattaya

This place is naughty, wild, and does not hide anything. A 350-meter long road has more than seventy hostess bars. They do have English-style pubs, sports bars, and a massage shop. However, that is not the reason people come here. The fun starts as early as 11:00 AM. This place has no `gogo’ bars, nightclubs, or food joints. This place is to have the cheapest beer on the beach road. The competition is so fierce among bars that each bar hires 15-20 girls to lure customers. Since the bars are on both sides of the road you are bound to get overwhelmed. The girls will call you, grab you even push you to get into their bar. The other thing that will intrigue you are the costumes of the girls. This is another unique way to attract customers to the bar.

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You will find girls in costumes of angels, bunnies, witches, and Santa’s during Halloween and Christmas. It will be hard for you not to look at the short-short skirts, the hot-hot pants, and the bikinis. A good time to come here is 1:00 PM but the best time is 3:30 PM. This is the time when all of Soi 6 is full. The Walking Street is where all adults go including couples. However, Soi 6 is for singles only. The curious couples can go it is safe but I would not recommend it. This place is about beer, bar fines and chill out. You can also play pool and board games with the girls. No bar on Soi 6 has a food kitchen. Outside food is allowed from KFC, MacDonald’s, street vendors, or anybody you like. You can read a detailed blog on Soi 6 here.            

The Walking Street

The Famous One Among Three Red Pillars of Pattaya

It is the heart of Pattaya and the center of night entertainment. As soon as the sun goes down the neon light of the Walking Street light it up again. It is a one-kilometer stretch that is full of adult entertainment. Not just that it has got nightclubs, beer bars, and food joints. Yes, the `gogo` genre of adult entertainment which you can find only in Thailand. The gogo’s and the nightclubs are on both sides of the Walking Street. The alleys or the Soi are dominated by gogo bars.  In comparison to Soi LK Metro, the Walking Street has the best gogo scene. You will be surprised to know that the Indian Group is not keen on visiting the gogo’s. Their only entertainments are the nightclubs. The two most visited nightclubs are Club Nashaa and Tony’s now known as Tony’s by Nashaa Club.

The reason for Indians visiting these clubs is that they play Hindi and Punjabi Tunes. If you are looking for club music and R&B you should visit Club Insomnia and Mixx Discotheque. There are plenty of options for live music too. I don’t need to tell you the names when you can hear them out loud. The Walking Street road is full of tourists and do remember this place is not for kids. For the first-timers, I would say a gogo bar experience is a must. It is the same as a soapy massage, as these two experiences can only be found in Thailand. You can check the top five agogo’s here. There are plenty of options for food; I would recommend looking for street carts in the Soi’s.

My Final Thoughts

The disadvantage of Walking Street is the price of everything. In comparison to Soi LK Metro and Soi 6, it is the most expensive. From food to drinks to lady drinks everything is expensive. Well, I don’t blame them as it is the most touristy part of Pattaya. I would also prepare you for the indifferent attitude of some establishments against certain nationalities. Just ignore them and trust me you will find much better options. The best part I feel is you can enjoy and have fun till the morning. I once came out of the Walking Street where I watched the sunrise on the beach road. So have fun and let me know your experiences in the comment section. Do call us for group tours we make amazing customized itineraries.               

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