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Walking Street Pattaya

The Walking Street has given character to Pattaya nightlife. Walking street is like the heart of Pattaya. As the night approaches all of Pattaya tourists to move towards the walking street. Walking Street Pattaya is at the end of road no.1 or the beach road. It is next to the sea that adds to its charm. The place lit with huge neon signs adds the feel of a carnival. You want to click pictures everywhere. The walking street is just 1 km in length and ends at Bali Hai pier where you also see the Pattaya City billboard. However, there are so many soi’s (lanes) that it will take four to five vacations to explore it. It is a small district, which only has entertainment.

Before, I tell you what to expect, it’ not a place for families. Families with kids is a no go at all. It is the best to place for singles, not only single in life but single in Pattaya.  It is also a good place for couples to explore the nightlife and new things to see. You will find beer bars, live band bars, nightclubs, gogo bars (read here), awesome street food, seafood restaurants, and hotels. The walking street has soi’s and within walking street, there is a place called Diamond arcade. The arcade is also accessible from road no. 2 also.

Walking Street is safe for all, couples, women and singles.

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Nightclubs of Walking Street

I have covered the top five nightclubs here. The clubs do open at 8:30 PM but the best time to go is after 1:00 AM. They rock your world until 5:00 AM in the morning. You can find clubs like Club Nashaa and Tony who play Hindi and Punjabi songs as well. If you are looking for `maska, chaska and nazaakat there are mujra joints as well. Rest is a mix of Thai Techno and hip-hop. If you are a fan of Rock Genre, there are plenty of options for that as well. Most of the bars hire local talent/bands to sing rock.

Remember this, all the business in walking street revolves around liquor. If you do not have a drink at these joints, you are not welcome. One-hour one drink is somewhat a norm. Those who do not drink do order cola or juice. However, do not complain when you see cola and juice price are equal to a whiskey or beer price.

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Walking Street A Gogo

You can read in detail what gogo bars are in my other blog here. I have also listed the top five gogo’s here. Just to give a brief, gogo bars are one of a kind and are only found in Thailand. They do have topless dancers and some even have choreographed shows. Whats up and Sapphire gogos are great for couples with shows and charged up atmosphere. There are around 100 or so gogo bars in walking street, I will let you explore those. You can see skimpily dressed girls on the road to advertise about their gogo. It may be the beer price or the girls dressed in hot pants to lure you in. 

Bars of Walking Street

You have bars who play live rock music, and then there are bars who play very loud techno music. You also have places like Beer garden, where you can relax and enjoy the sea view. Beer Garden is also a place to have breakfast also. The beer garden is at the entrance of walking street through an ally. Most of the bars have sitting where you can see the world pass by. You can sit, have a cold beer and you will have plenty to see and feel the soul of walking street.

Streets of Walking Street

Discover the various sois for food vendors who sell awesome food and discover some more bars and some more gogo’s. On the main road, you can find flower girls selling roses, magicians, fruit sellers, coconut ice cream vendors, funny toys, and people from Alcazar Show promoting their show. There will be people who want you to see the ping-pong show. This is a show most people will watch when they first visit Pattaya. They either get amazed or feel disgusted when they come out of the show.  Do share your experience in the comment section.

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