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Pattaya Beach Road

आप इस ब्लॉग का हिंदी संस्करण यहाँ पढ़ सकते हैं।

Pattaya is somewhat defined by the Pattaya beach road. Any new visitors first are acquainted with the Pattaya beach road and then the walking street and so on.  My first trip to Pattaya was two nights and I had spent all the time roaming or chilling on the Pattaya beach road or road no.1, another name for beach road.

There are hundreds of beer bars, hotels, shops, Massage shops and a mall and on the other side; it is the beach from start to end.  The Pattaya beach road is a one-way street. It curves from the dolphin roundabout and then again curves from the walking street.


Walking street being no entry for vehicles, the beach road ends here. From the walking street curve, you can go to road no.2 or go straight to Jomtien beach or the rest of Pattaya.

The beach road covers the northern, central and southern Pattaya. This classification helps you choose your hotel as well. North is a quiet area, central is good in connectivity and south is a noisy due to walking street.

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Pattaya Beach Road


You should spend a whole day on this road. From dusk to dawn and the night its changes colors, moods, the feel and the nostalgia. I have been to Pattaya plenty of times and I have managed to see the sunrise, just once. I had parties until 5:00 AM in the morning and then I thought might as well see the sunrise. That was a good decision and I just sat there as the rest of the world does when they see the sunrise. It was enjoyable as I sat quietly and doing nothing for the fact that I was in 4-5 hours of loud music.  I could not find a chair otherwise; I would have slept there. I was also surprised to see many people.

The last days of all my travel, I usually laze on the beach. I will have my breakfast and a massage and then it is the beach. I will stay there until the people start closing the umbrellas. That does not mean that you have to leave, but the sun has started going down. It is time to go back to the room and get ready for the night.

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Afternoon at the Pattaya Beach

Before I tell you about the nights on the road no.1 let me tell you about the afternoon.  You can relax under the umbrellas. Either you pay to sit under the umbrellas or you simply buy beer or something from the vendor who owns these umbrellas. They give you good service though and are not pushy for drinks. However, you will be getting many roaming vendors who are very eager to sell their wares.

They have fruits, seafood, original copy watches to jewelry and so on. Fruits are usually good and fresh, I was not sure of the seas food. Since most of the food is fried, the cold oil, just not my thing. I had bought Rolex for THB300; I must say it was a good copy. You can also see the Pattaya City billboard from the beach.

Beware of your things and valuables, the roaming vendors are not to be trusted.

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You can go for a swim; you can also go for para sailing. Just ask the person whose umbrellas you are using.

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The Night Hath Cometh

The evenings are the best time to click photos. You can capture the full beach and the sky looks awesome. Just see the pictures below. I had taken this my Samsung S5 mobile. The lights from the bar get the life and soon you will see the whole beach road gets new looks and new life. I could actually feel the mood change of the beach. There was suddenly hurry in the atmosphere. The chill out factor gone and I could hear the noises increasing. The pace of the people on the beach changes. They all are gearing for the long night to come.

The pavement now has standing visitors (ahem), the moving crowd towards the walking street and the people just staring at the sea. The road is full of traffic; it becomes hard to cross even. There are more vendors selling shawarma’s, fried chicken, insects and what not. There are also new bars that are in a minivan, a great place to have shots. The bars are filling up with people and the business is on. Beach road has beer bars only exception of one odd gogo. Seven elevens, the ATM, the money exchange booth all get full and busy. The massage shops get slighted and shopping happens until 10:00 PM. Beach road witnesses the barrage of tourists, all going up and down. Up towards the walking street and down towards there hotel with somebody.

Overall, I would say Pattaya beach road is the lifeline of Pattaya. Some people love it some hate it. The character of this road changes with every tick on the clock. I have my reasons to love it, I hope you find or discover after reading this.     

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