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Pattaya City Nightlife

Pattaya City Fun For Singles...


The thing about Pattaya City Nightlife is the girls, now you see them and now you don’t. If you liked somebody in a bar, she might not be there the next day. You will find a lot of options from Friday to Sunday. But you may not find her on Monday or ever after. Now the chances of some girls meeting you again are more from the bar than if you picked her from a club.

It’s not that they don’t want to see you again. Chances are they have gone back to their hometown. They might have gone back to college; yes they were here to make quick money. There are also some girls who come from Bangkok to Pattaya, so they went back. The best chance you have to see her again is to get her number, which they give if they like you.

Impress Her – Dress Well

To have the best Pattaya city nightlife, dress well. All you have to do is, ask a girl if you can buy her a drink. 99% of the time she will say yes. The drinks off-course is on you. Mind it club is not responsible for any of this. If you want to dance with her till morning she will, if you want to leave with her just ask, some will though tell you a price as well. Be careful they can get crazy with pricing, asking as high as 5000Baht.

You will also see girls sitting on tables all around the place. These girls are usually showgirls to add glamour to the place. They are hired by the club. They might turn you down, so don’t take it to your heart…move on to other.

Pattaya City Nightlife Fun

Go by around 2AM you will find more girls who want to be with you, because the time is running out and the girl’s want to grab a guy fast.

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The Girls of Beach Road

You will see plenty of attraction on the beach road. These girls usually start popping up after 7 PM. They are upfront `Hookers’. These girls are often troublemaker also. They will pick up fights with you over nothing. Moreover, their boyfriends will come out of nowhere and will pick up a fight with you. Remember `Dil Chahta Hai’ movie. Beware they might steal all your money and valuable. They can even intoxicate you. Now, these are some of the scares which I have read on other forum or from friends who did get into trouble.

Look See Go

Keep an eye on the girls as all of them are standing outside the bars and calling people to get in. So once you see something interesting pick her then and there and enjoy your drink. As you would be aware by now, that the `Lady Drinks’ are always expensive. The girls earn around 30-40 Baht from one drink which costs you 120Baht.

If you are already with a girl, avoid looking at other girls. I’m sure once you pick the best girl you will find something better after that (Murphy’s Law). The Thai girls are friendly but they get jealous too. That goes for the paid ones as well. News of guys balls getting cut has been heard…you have been warned!!!

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Best Pattaya Afternoon Fun

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