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Soi 6 Pattaya: The Second Red Pillar

The world goes to Pattaya and they go to the walking street too. The walking street is a one-kilometer-long stretch full of adult entertainment. You have nightclubs, bars, gogo bars, and few eateries.  Now, the Soi 6 Pattaya is the second red pillar of Pattaya. This too like the walking street is full of adult entertainment but of a different kind. This is just a 350 m stretch that has more than seventy hostess bars. There are some English-style pubs and a few massage shops. I have spoken to seasoned tourists who go to Pattaya every year. Very few know about Soi 6 Pattaya. But, those who have gone will swear it’s better than the walking street. You can read about walking street here.

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Reaching Soi 6 Pattaya

Regulars to Pattaya will know that roads no.1 and 2 are one-way. If you are entering road no.1 from dolphin roundabout it would be very near. You can enter Soi 6 from both roads no.1 and 2. People who are visiting walking street and then going to Soi 6, you will be entering from road no.2. The tuk-tuk will charge you just 10 Bahts. For those who are looking for a signboard, there are none. The Soi’s are marked with green/blue color pillars. You have to look for these pillars as they get hidden by big billboards. If you still can’t find it, just ask anybody and they will guide you to Soi 6. You can also read how to reach Pattaya from Suvarnabhumi Airport.

What is there on Soi 6 Pattaya?

Bars, Bars, and more bars. As soon as you enter you will find bars on both sides of the soi. You might get shocked as soon as you enter. Each bar appoints 15 to 20 girls to lure customers. So we are talking more than 80 bars with 20 girls each, you do the math. The competition to get customers is so high that you might get dragged. The girls sit outside the bars, wearing costumes. Every bar has a theme that changes regularly. So you will find girls wearing nurse outfits, schoolgirls, maids you name it and you will find one. Nightwish group owns more than 20 bars on Soi 6. They also have the best bars so start from there. You can check their Facebook page they are pretty active.

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Bachelor and Bachelorette Parties

These bars are not your everyday beer bar, they are hostess bars. For those who don’t know, hostess bars are bars where you pay for a drink to get the girls company. She will sit with you as long as you pay for her drinks. The girls get a commission on these drinks. The drink can be beer, tequila, or just plain cola. The price for all the drinks is the same. Except for few bars, most of the bars are small shops. The average sitting capacity is around 30 people. The other thing you will notice is none of the bars have a food menu. But don’t worry you can get the food delivery. They will provide you those menus. You can also order from the food cart outside the bar. Another thing, these bars are not gogo bars, read here for details.    

What happens in the bar?

You walk into the bar the drink menu is handed to you. The girls will ask you directly if you are here for just drinks or you need a companion. If you choose to just drink you can ask Wi-Fi password, it’s free. You can also sit at the bar counter which overlooks the road. You will also find a lot of solo travelers for chit-chat.  If not, just order a drink for the girl and start chatting. Among other things, you can play pool and board games with the girl.  The `lady drink’s cost is mentioned in the menu. It varies from bar to bar and costs between 150-250 Baht. If you want to `Hang-out’ with the girl the bar doesn’t mind that. The bar policy is clear, what happens between two adults is up-to them.

This is a `grey area’ but if you looking for a pub experience this is not the place. The bars do charge a `bar fine’. This is a fee for taking the girl out and varies between 300-500 Baht. If you are looking for privacy the bars have rooms upstairs. The room cost 300-350 Baht for short time, which is ninety minutes.        

Why do people go to Soi 6 Pattaya?

I have to draw a comparison here between the walking street and Soi 6. The walking street has its charm but it has become too touristy. Walking street is about Gogo bars and nightclubs.  Since most of the tourists flock these place the prices of everything is high. The drinks start at 150-250 Baht, the lady-drinks at 250 Baht, and the bar fines start from 1000 Baht. Now the real comparison of the walking street would be Soi LK Metro. But that would an interesting debate between the three red pillars of Pattaya. The three pillars are Walking Street, Soi 6 Pattaya, and Soi LK Metro. This I will discuss in another blog.

Coming back to Soi 6 Pattaya, here you will get the cheapest drinks in Pattaya. A draught beer starts at 59 Baht. The party in Soi 6 starts at 1:00 PM. The bars start serving in full swing from noon. Some bars even open at 11:00 AM. But as per me the best time to go to Soi 6 is 3:30 PM. This time the bars have full attendance. You will also enjoy a carnival-like atmosphere on the Soi. Unlike gogo’s the bars are not pushy for drinks. If you want to sit alone they will let you. The girls here too are super cool even they don’t push for drinks. For those who are worried, all these are very safe. Unlike walking street where some gogo denies entry, Soi 6 is super friendly. This is the place where all are welcome without prejudice.

Do share your experience if you visit Soi 6 Pattaya after reading this blog. One more thing, for those who are it, is the naughtiest place in Pattaya, nope, it is the wildest place in Pattaya.          

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