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Group Travel for Women in Thailand

Thailand has been a party destination for most men. It’s got vibrant nightlife, tourist attractions, night bazaars, super malls, and the panoramic seaside. The other reason is the journey time, it’s just four hours. There are regular flights available from all over India and that too is cheap. Since it is a cheaper international destination lot of companies give Thailand Tour as an incentive. These incentives are not with family but with other colleagues. But Thailand has something for everybody and Thailand for women is as good as for men. We at matyatri.com have special group travel for women. You can simply enjoy a vacation with your girlfriends or do a get-together for special occasions. Let us discuss these options.

Corporate Incentive Tour for Women

This incentive is given when you achieve the target for the year. This will include all employees of the company.  Then there are incentive tours which are given to the sales team when they achieve their targets. These tours are usually four nights and five days. You spend two nights in Pattaya and two nights in Bangkok. Each location has 2-2 tours each. You can also use this opportunity to announce your next target. Here’s what we suggest for group travel for women:

Area of the Hotel – The best for all women’s teams would be the Jomtien Area of Pattaya. This area has awesome beach properties and near to night bazaar. For Bangkok, we suggest an area near the Chow Phraya River. This area is also close to the best malls in Bangkok.

Tours and Activities – For the first-timers to Pattaya we suggest Sanctuary of Truth, Coral Island Tour, and Cartoon Network Amazone Water Park. For Bangkok, since the time is short, we suggest the Chow Phraya River Cruise and the Big Buddha Temple. I would leave the rest of the day for shopping.

Special Add-ons – A special night trip on a party bus. You can do nightclubs and gogo bar hopping in VIP style. We will provide a party host and bodyguards to make it super safe for you. Needless to say, all reservations will be done by us. Spa and massage packages are also available. You can hire a manager who will accompany you from the Indian Airport and back.

Minimum Pax Requirement – 10 Nos.

Kitty Parties

Chiang Mai, Phuket, Bangkok, and Pattaya

Another great segment for group travel for women is the kitty parties. We suggest three nights four-day package. Also, rather than going to multiple cities we suggest just stick to one city. This will help you have a nice time otherwise you will spend maximum time traveling. The best cities would be Chiang Mai, Phuket, Bangkok, and Pattaya. Bangkok and Phuket have direct flights from India. For Pattaya, you have to travel from Bangkok but it’s a short journey of two hours. However, you will have to take another flight of one hour twenty minutes to reach Chiang Mai from Bangkok. Each city has its charm, I’m listing city vise what they have to offer. You can choose as per your preferences.

Bangkok – We suggest a half a day spa with various treatments to detox and rejuvenation. The afternoon can be used to visit some of the attractions in Bangkok. You can check all details here. Bangkok has the best food options from the best street food to Michelin Star Restaurants. You can do club-hopping in places like Sing Sing Theatre, Maggie Choo’s and Iron Fairies. You can check out pictures and details here. For Day two among other things, we recommend Bangkok’s rooftop bars. You can read Bangkok Top Five Rooftop Bars here.

Bangkok is a gourmet paradise. Bangkok’s six restaurants received two stars in the fourth edition of the Michelin Guide in Thailand. Also, 22 eateries received one star.

Mast Yatri

The other Locations for Kitty Parties

Chiang Mai – The best thing to do in Chiang Mai does the Hot Air Balloon Ride. You can also choose Chiang Mai for a kitty party if you like nature and trekking.  Doi Inthanon National Park is a must-do activity in Chiang Mai. If you like home food Chiang Mai has a lot of places where they teach you to cook Thai food. You can cook food and eat it too, of course with a glass of wine. Also, check the top five things to do in Chiang Mai.

Phuket – If you are a sea person and beaches are your thing Phuket is the place. All activities are through the sea-route. You can also experience the world’s best seaside resorts. Your kitty group will love the in-house activities provided within the resorts. Phuket also has very vibrant nightlife; places like Seduction Nightclub, Illuzion are world-class. We can also arrange party boats for a very different kitty party experience.  Also, check out the top five things to do in Phuket or poo-Ket.

Pattaya – It’s a small beach town with water sports, nightlife, great street food, and more. Fine dining options are restricted to five-star hotels. None-the-less you will find great beachside hotels and resorts. My favorite is the Hilton and the Veranda Resort in the Jomtien area. We can also arrange for a special Yacht Party. You can also choose to go from Bangkok, maybe on a Party Bus or a Limousine. Do check the top five things to do in Pattaya.

Special Add-ons

For some adventure, we recommend a gun range in Bangkok. You can have access to 5 types of guns, and you get real shots to fire. The guns have the option of a shotgun too.

Destination Parties

Birthdays, Special Occasions, Anniversary

There are parties, and then there are the parties at foreign locations. Why just restrict yourself in your home town? I celebrated my 40th birthday in Pattaya with my friends, and it was the best one.  Group Travel for Women is not restricted to just vacation. Enjoy with us for your birthdays, special occasions like Valentines, when you first met and so on. For anniversaries you can go to Krabi, Koh Samui and Hu Hin for an exotic experience. We can arrange theme parties for birthdays and special occasions in Bangkok and Pattaya.

Our Team

Consultants and Associates

Destination Wedding and Bachelorette Parties

We also have an experienced team to handle destination wedding and bachelorette parties. These require a one-on-one meeting. We only do customized itineraries. We can handle 50-500 people for destination weddings. Our areas include the whole of southeast Asia. Call us for a half an hour free consultation. You can also read our blog section for details on destination weddings. Well, unlike others, we specialize in bachelorette parties too. This will give another perspective to group travel for women. This perspective is not restricted to just travel packages and goes beyond.

We have travel packages, and we also customize. Feel free to call us if you have any ideas of your own for group travel for women. We are flexible and will make sure to cater to all your requirements. 

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