+91 702 1005 183 info@mastyatri.com
+91 702 1005 183 info@mastyatri.com

Chef Nimish Bhatia

Chef Nimish Bhatia

Nimish Bhatia

Consulting Celebrity Chef


The La Chaine awarded him with a couple of medallions. The IFCA and world chefs’ society awarded the Culinary Greatness Award 2012. Received the top of all Culinary Leadership Award 2015 for his contributions to Gastronomic society. He is known as Chef Bhatia in the hospitality industry and food lovers.

He has three decades of association with Culinary/F&B Management & Leadership Management Experience in Leading World Class Hotel/Restaurants.


Modern Culinary Trends100%
Bulk or Banqueting100%
Flight Kitchens100%
Operational and Service Skills100%

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