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Five Stage Décors at the Wedding

Whether it is a small affair or a big fat Indian wedding one thing that is common is the décor. The other thing that highlights the couple is the stage décor. They will be spending most of the time at this staged meeting with all the guests. The five-stage decors at the wedding are for the wedding day, reception, and Mandap. The other two are the Dj setup at Sangeet and the Bar. Yes, the bar will be made on all occasions. The wedding planners are also getting crazier designing the bars for weddings. This is after all the second most visited place at a wedding.       

Wedding Stage

It is the centerpiece of all weddings where the bride and groom welcome all. The wedding stage also shows what a wedding theme is. A lot of details go into making the wedding stage.  It could be flower décor, fabric décor and for now, environmentally friendly foliage (Foo-lee-uge) is used. The foliage has become a favorite of all decorators. It is used for Mandaps, Bars, Mehendi, Haldi, and more. Some designers have also personalized with grandparent’s photos in the backdrop. All the newlyweds should get into the details of the wedding stage. Do share ideas or emotional value you want to be incorporated.

Reception Stage

Like the wedding stage which is very formal, I feel the reception stage can have more bells and whistles. I mean, you don’t have to go too traditional. It can have retroelements may be a full-on nightclub theme. The wedding takes a toll on couples due to so many rituals. Reception can be the day where the wedding couples can let their hair down. I would even recommend the couple not to spend all their time on the stage. Go out and meet all the guests. Explore the venue; after all, you did not spend all the money just to stand on the reception stage. Do not worry too much about your guests they will find you. Be the first on the dance floor click some photos there. Use the selfie booth it is not just for guests.

Bar Setup

Among the five-stage decors at the wedding, bar design has become very important.  After you have been blessed this is the place where everybody gathers. The bar-like the wedding stage should be made outstanding. Except for the few weddings not much thought was given to the bar setup. If you are spending so much on liquor why not the bar! I would also recommend if the gathering is more, two or three bars should be made. Make sure these bars are scattered across the venue. This way there will not be a rush in one spot. Personalize the bar with your monogram. You can get a bar made with foliage too. An island bar also makes sense for not so large weddings. On the beach, I would recommend a `Tiki Bar’ setup. It looks both classy and is eco-friendly. 

Sangeet and Dj Setup

Sangeet is done individually at the bride and the groom. Nonetheless, it is the most informal and fun in comparison to the wedding and the reception. The Dj plays a very significant role at Sangeet parties. Whether it’s the bride or groom they too enjoy a lot. The Dj and the dance floor are in all functions. The Wedding, Reception, and Sangeet get the biggest stage. For the rest of the ceremonies, Dj is in the background. He is the person who will even set the mood of the wedding. It would be a good idea to discuss the dance floor and the décor the Dj console gets. The range is huge and budgets can really get out of hand. The floor here again can be customized with your monogram. Relatives can share their type of music. This should be done so that everybody gets their share of favorite music.    

Hiring a Dj

You can hire a Dj with one year of experience or you can get a senior Dj. You can even go for a celebrity Dj for the big fat wedding. The price will also vary accordingly. The junior Dj cost is taken along with the equipment and sound. A well-known Dj in your city will charge his cost and equipment cost separately.  A celebrity Dj will be charging you by the hour.  A celebrity Dj within India starts from 1 Lakh and goes up to 3 lakhs. An international Dj will charge you 5 lakh onwards. You can also reduce the cost of celebrity Dj. This is called an appearance cost; here the Dj plays for forty-five minutes to one hour.

The Mandap

Five Stage Décors at the Wedding

This is where everything happens, the sacred fire, the pheras, the mantras, and the pandit jee binding you for life. The mandap is the place where the wedding happens and is the most important Stage. This should look at the most beautiful at the wedding. The decorators and designers do put a lot of thought into making it stand out. In most of the wedding, the Vivah is just for the two families. Very few guests are part of this ceremony. It is not done on a stage but it is the biggest stage in a wedding. The Mandap is a spiritual place and should have certain elements. I always involve a pandit jee and do our things around it.

The Other Rituals and Décor

We do have a Ring Ceremony, Mehendi, Haldi, and Milini for decoration. Most of these ceremonies don’t require a stage setup. However, the sitting and flower décor make up for the atmosphere. A Maharaja Style sofa with flower décor in the backdrop makes up for a stage for Ring Ceremony. You have to be careful with Mehendi and Haldi ceremony as people do get carried away while putting Haldi. You can do away with minimal décor in these two ceremonies. These are done at home and are private affairs. We have a beautiful stage idea for Milini do get in touch with us to discuss.   

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