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Indian Destination Wedding in Thailand

From the big fat Indian wedding, the new lingo is the destination wedding. The big fat weddings have become a more personalized affair as a destination wedding requires flight tickets and accommodations.  If you are doing a destination wedding outside India it becomes even more personalized. You only take along with close relatives and friends. The numbers vary from 50 to 200 people and then there are a few weddings where there are 500 people. But 500 people destination weddings are few.  In this blog, we will only talk about an international destination wedding and that too in Thailand. The Indian Destination Wedding in Thailand is becoming quite popular with Indian families.

They have all the reasons to like Thailand too. World-class hotels and resorts with some offering private beach for ceremonies. You can fully book some of the resort for your family and make it a super-private affair. To make Indian Destination Wedding in Thailand most of the properties offer all materials for Indian rituals. The range of services includes Pandit Jee to Mandap Decorations to flower decoration to a Ghodi. Hotels are offering various Indian cuisines with the option of international food as well. We at mastyatri.com even offer a full package with airfare booking, visa, accommodations, and transportation. We will now give you a rough idea of how to create a budget for the Indian Destination Wedding in Thailand. This blog will also be sharing venue information and location information to make it easy for you to choose.

Reaching Thailand

Cost involved to reach your destination
  • Airfare INR 15,000-25000
  • Hotel Accommodation INR 8000-15,000 (3Nights, 5-Star Hotel, Per Person, Twin Sharing)
  • VisaINR 5,000
  • Transportation Home – Airport – Hotel INR 2,500 Onwards

It is the responsibility of the host to take care of all the `Baratis’ that includes transportation. In the case of a destination wedding, transportation also includes airfare. The above-mentioned cost you cannot avoid. The minimum cost to reach Thailand will come to INR 45,000-50,000. The airfare cost mentioned is from A-Cities. The cost of airfare from B-Cities like Kolkatta and Kochi will vary between INR 7,000-10000.  The other thing you should be aware of is that you will be booking flight tickets between 50-100 pax. These bookings come under corporate bookings and you cannot buy online. You should preferably buy with the help of a consultant or book directly with the airline. The cost of tickets is always high when you book under corporate booking, why, you can read the full blog here.

Now, for those who want to add more style and finesse to it, you can choose to go by a premium airline in a business class. You can also book a luxury resort or heritage property for the marriage. Add a limousine pick-up the cost will add up very fast. These add-ups might increase the budget but it is worth the money.

Thailand offers VIP fast track immigration lane if you are opting for Visa on arrival.

Mast Yatri

Budgeting the Wedding

There are more than 100 vendors to tackle!

Marriage is a huge canvas that involves dealing with lots of vendors if you are doing it by yourself. Traveling for an Indian Destination Wedding in Thailand if the guests are coming from various locations it can become a logistical nightmare. The wedding will feel incomplete even if one person is not able to come because of travel confusion. You can book the venue but the things in-between can get to you because you can either enjoy your wedding or be busy organizing it. It becomes even more challenging if the wedding is not in your home country. We have listed the services which we offer as Wedding Planners here. You can take the benefit of it or give us a chance to make your day memorable.

At mastyatri.com, we are primarily a travel company and event management company. Our USP has been organizing MICE in Thailand. Our latest addition Destination Weddings, helps us organize weddings better as we handle the key component travel very efficiently. We have experience in handling large events and meetings for more than 500 people. Our experience in handling Thailand travel makes us experts in VENUE SELECTION across Thailand. Do call us and discuss it.    

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