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Branding Your Wedding: A Marketing Guy Blog

That’s right we will start with branding your wedding. It is a business term but is also apt for weddings. The only difference is you don’t need to do market research. It is about you two and that makes it special. The thought process is driven by love and feelings and not by market perception. This branding will make your wedding stand out. Your branding on a customized perfume can last for a lifetime. Therefore, branding your wedding becomes very important to create moments for a lifetime.      

The Logo

The logo is the most important part of branding so start with that. The logo will be central which will merge with all elements of the wedding. As a logo, you can also make a monogram. Since monograms are made by combining the initials of an individual it gives more personalization. The logo will play an important part in wedding cards, cut-outs, and stage backdrops. After that, go wild with imagination put it on handkerchiefs, towels, gowns, tissue papers, videos, and whatnot.  



While creating branding for the wedding color palette plays an important role in recognition. The colors you choose will create the mood of your wedding theme. It will also be part of your stationery and most importantly your wedding invite. Choose the colors you both like and leave the rest to your designer. I will tell you to keep it simple but go wild if you have to. You can also choose the classic color `GOLD’. This has been and still is the preferred color at weddings.    


Typography aka Fonts

The font like logo defines you. It can be a bit confusing since font options are plenty. Speak with the designer and let him come with 4-5 options for you. If you are ready to spend more you can even customize fonts exclusively for your wedding. Other general categories are Display fonts, Serif fonts, Script typography. Your designer will be able to guide you more on this.

Wedding email Template
Wedding email Template

Branding Your Wedding

The Collaterals

Once you have finalized the above you can apply these for branding your wedding. The obvious one I have mentioned and you know – Wedding Card. Here are other things that you should consider putting your branding. 


Email Template

Yes, you will be sending lots of emails it would be a good idea to design an email template. It will bring a personal touch to your virtual communication. It will also set the tempo on what’s coming ahead. You should also make WhatsApp templates as this has become a new fad. 


Virtual Paper the .pdf

For more formal communications you should design a word document with your branding. This document can be saved as .pdf and send through emails and WhatsApp. You can also get this printed or your designer can get it done. 


Wedding Website

This product can last a lifetime. It can not only be used for your wedding but the first of everything after the wedding. It does require professional help to keep it updated. Social media does provide you this option but you can choose your own design. You can also customize as per your wedding theme. The website gives you unlimited customization which social media does not.

Social Media Wedding

Instagram Facebook, YouTube, Twitter

Do I need to even explain this? Nope, but you should take help from professionals who can manage your pages. They will make sure the page looks like you. They will keep your feed with relevant images. You can hire them when you announce your wedding. Pre-wedding shoots and ceremonies will become part of your social media feed. You can hire an on-ground person to do that too. He will encourage you, guests, to put selfies, Facebook stories, tweets, and YouTube videos. Make special photo booths with your branding for those memorable pictures.


We can make it happen for you. Social media drive and branding are part of wedding planning packages with mastyatri.com. We have on-board social media experts who will make it happen for you. And yes, the young brigade is too eager to share some wonderful ideas with you.

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