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Pre-Wedding Shoot in Phuket

Phuket as a destination wedding location is an on-to-do list of many wedding couples. Phuket has got all sun, sand, sea, waterfalls, sunset, sunrise, nature, coral reefs, and more. Not just a wedding it is also an ideal location to do a pre-wedding shoot in Phuket. Most of the resorts are near the beach. This makes it easier for a panoramic shoot within walking distance. Not only that some of the resorts are within a jungle, rice field, or nature that it becomes a great location for wedding shoots. But, we will be talking about more elaborate locations for which Phuket is famous. Before we do that let’s talk a bit about the person who is going to make this happen!     

The Photographer

We have good, great, exceptional, and some very serious photographers in this business. They can make, break, or enhance the photographs. Choosing a photographer can be a very difficult task. There are so many parameters to choose a photographer. Before I tell you those parameters and confuse you more I will tell you how I choose. A person who can capture the emotions of the wedding with candid shots is the best guy to hire. Well, that’s easier said than done, why; the range or cost of hiring is too vague. The wedding shoot can cost you between INR 100,000 – 10,00,000 per day. This cost can be only for photos of some charge videos extra and some will put a limit on the number of photos. (You can go back and look at the cost again…per day cost!)

Licenses and Permission

things you should know

You have selected a photographer, great! Now let’s talk about some terms and conditions which you should discuss before you pay him the advance. For the pre-wedding shoot in Phuket, he will be telling you about locations, make sure he has permission to shoot at these locations. Thailand authorities are getting strict about this. They are doing the random checks and they cancel the shoots with penalties to both the parties. If you are getting a photographer from your home country, the photographer needs a work permit to do the shoot. Thailand authorities are very strict on this too; do check/see the permit.

When you get a photographer from your home country he will be coming with his crew. The crew can be between 6-10 people. Do note the cost of travel and boarding lodging will be borne by you. This cost is shown separately or is added to the total cost. This then becomes an extra expense to you. Choose this option only if you have hired a big gun of the industry and money is not an issue. I would recommend hiring a photographer from Thailand. There is a huge talent pool in Thailand who understands Indian Weddings.

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Luxury has a cost

Before you shoot the photographers let me tell you an interesting fact. The cost of talent, the production cost of photographs, and editing costs remain more or less the same. The difference could be the equipment cost some photographers carry high-end cameras and gears. Then there is a price of luxury, let’s say you want to shoot at James Bond Island.  The photographers will add permission cost, cost of transport, and will take his crew carry his gear and so on. Let us also add some drone shots also. This makes just one shoot, the pre-wedding shoot in Phuket. Still to come are sangeet, Mehendi, reception, and the actual wedding. Every new place will require a new setup, long working hours, and crew member movement.

Since we are talking about luxury, Mast Yatri suggests a one day shoot in a private yacht. Luxury comes with a price…what you pay is what you get! 

Pre-Wedding Shoot in Phuket

Best locations for pre-wedding shoots
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