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+91 702 1005 183 info@mastyatri.com

I will start by saying the destination wedding is about the experience and not about cost. You very well know that you are traveling to a different country. Then you will choose a beach resort with a picture-perfect setting and a wedding on the beach. The romances in this kind of idea can only be understood by the couple. That is why most destination weddings are driven by the wedding couple. At-home weddings on the other hand are where every member wants his say. On the other hand, destination wedding planning is done by the couple who coordinate with a travel agent or an on-site coordinator. The other trend is to go for a wedding planner for peace of mind. Couples doing destination weddings don’t want the hassle of doing everything. They are very clear that they want to enjoy every aspect of marriage and not worry about other things.   

At home, these things are taken care of by parents and family members. Wedding couples have very little say in any matter. Even the bride’s dress is often selected with the help of family members. This brings Indian parent dilemma at a destination wedding, they want to contribute too. Not that they are imposing but out of sheer love. Maybe it’s the first wedding after a long time in the family or it is their beloved daughter’s marriage. They want to do all the things they have imagined for so long. They will want to call the world at the wedding but doing a destination wedding does put a hold on that.  

Who to take and who not too

In India, if you call Baraaties (guest) for the wedding and I’m not talking about the reception you have to take them with you. You will have to arrange transportation (bus) if the wedding is in another city. The gathering happens at the groom’s place and everybody from there goes to the bridegroom’s house or the venue. Now we are talking about the destination wedding you have to take the Baraaties with you. This becomes the number one Indian parent dilemma at a destination wedding, who to take and to leave behind.

There is a big travel cost involved to the tune of INR 45,000-50,000 ($600-675). This cost is based if you fly from India. Now, a mid-high wedding would have 2000 guests the same will come down to 500 guests at a destination wedding. Even then with the hotel stay, it has a high cost to bring in the guest.

आपको बरात और बाराती लेकर आना होगा, बारात खुद नहीं आती!

Mast Yatri

Nothing to worry about though, give us an early start and we can give you the best deals with airlines and hotels. Even in scenarios where guests are paying themselves group fares is a possibility. That includes guests coming from various locations. I understand our Indian parents want to be the best host so I have another idea to stay. You can always book the best beach resort for the wedding. You can also book some rooms in the resort for your family members. For the rest of the guests, you can book a four-star property nearby. The hotel property should not be too far otherwise the transportation cost kicks in and you lose the benefit. By doing this you will save INR 5,000-10,000 per person.  

The Indian Food

The second best thing at the wedding

You can have the best resort, décor, flower flown down but if the food is not at par it can dampen the marriage spirit. In Hyderabad, Biryani is the star of the wedding after the bride and groom. Some marriages got canceled because the Biryani was not good. That is an extreme example but no Indian parents will leave any stone unturned to have the best food at the wedding. A destination wedding in another country Indian food becomes a novelty as well. Hence the biggest discussion and biggest Indian parent dilemma at a destination wedding.  The food has been the bane for wedding consultants as there are always some people who would complain about the food. We always have spent time with clients asking about their food expectations.

To counter this we do destination weddings in the hotels that cater to Indian food in Thailand. They are very flexible and some even have Indian chefs. Well mom and dad we at Mast Yatri can get you a celebrity chef as well. They will make customized food just for your special day.  We have a few more ideas to make it more special but we do want to meet you first.

The Wedding Rituals

The Indian marriage is usually a three-day affair comprising of various `Poojas’ (Rituals). Pandit Jee (Priest) plays an important role to do these rituals correctly. Some of the hotels in Thailand can provide on-site Pandit Jee. Going so far and not doing it correctly is not an option hence another Indian parent dilemma at a destination wedding. We suggest talking a Pandit Jee from home. Doing so helps the pooja to commence properly as he brings `Havan Samagri’ (Prayer Material) from India itself. We make sure that communication happens between Pandit Jee and the party concerned. Though most of the wedding rituals are the same there are always some variations. These variations can be as per family, as per the region, or traditional village rituals.

These are worries of the parents and we understand them. We make sure all quires are heard with their perspective in mind. Our team will make sure that you enjoy the wedding without worrying about anything.              

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