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Seven Day Wedding in Thailand

The Indian Destination Wedding is getting bigger, royal, and extravagant as time passes. One day marriages are a passé, talk about five days or even seven days a wedding. It becomes a big challenge for wedding planners to plan such an extravagant event. None the less it is a welcome challenge for any wedding planner and it becomes one of the biggest challenges creativity vise and volume vise. Now for those who are thinking I want to do such a marriage but what all will I do? It is your responsibility to take care of the guests, keep them entertained, and make sure no guest go unhappy.

We at mastyatri.com will agree that we have not done such a big wedding. But we have a team that is all capable and ready to execute the plan. We are putting some ideas together so that you can have some idea and can understand our ideas. Moreover, if you plan to do it yourself you will know where to start.

Day 01

The day of gathering

This is the day the gathering starts happening. It can be a bit cumbersome if the guests are coming from various countries. The transportation needs to be spot on and everybody should reach the venue. The landing time will vary but yes everybody will be together by night. The guests who have arrived early can relax and enjoy the hotel facilities. Do make sure their food is taken care of.

You can also split the seven day wedding into three parts. The first two days can be for close family, the third day close friends join in the next three days can be for the rest of the guests. The last day for the family for goodbyes, return gifts, and more.  

  • Spa/Massage Massages for the family members would be a good idea. They can relax and get over with the jet lag. The massage will also rejuvenate for the wedding coming ahead.
  • Intimate Dinner A wine and champagne dinner with the family member can be a good idea. Catch up with them and discuss what’s coming ahead. It would also help to catch up with relatives who are meeting after a long time.
  • Introduction Night Who is who, how everybody is related. It can be a fun event with a stage, mike, and an MC.

Day 02

Family Get Together

This might be one of the occasions where every family members are present. So why not a party? We recommend the bride and groom going together with the family members. Let’s explore the local party scene.

  • Pool Party in the Hotel If the jet lag persists and some of the guests are still to come, a relaxed pool party can be very ideal. The arriving guest can join as in when they come. It can be a theme pool party too.
  • A Yacht Party Yachts are available for ten people and four to eight hours. For large groups, big party boats are available which can support more than 300 people. Options for day cruises and sunset cruises are available. Various options can be loaded on a yacht which can be discussed.
  • Self-Grooming The bride and groom can go in for a spa and massages. They can always join the party later. The bridegroom I'm sure will have her itinerary for grooming treatments. These rejuvenating processes and treatment will, however, go till the day of the wedding.
  • Night Event and Party Depending upon the day event, we need to good night party for the whole family where kids and young at heart people will be there. A party with Karaoke is a fun idea, words for the bride and groom, and so on. The party will be a bit emotional, mushy, fun, and family bonding.

Day 03

Friends and Family

This is where the friends come in and party and party ideas go wild. After all, you are in Thailand and Thailand has got something for everybody.

  • Bachelorette or Bachelor Party We do have for a three-day bachelor party but one day bachelor or hen party is a must. Gone are the days when bachelor parties used to happen at night and used to finish within 3-4 hours. Our special bachelor parties include pool villa parties and yacht parties. Now, if you go with this option then this day is over.
  • Afternoon Pool or Beach Party with Lunch The friends will be arriving most early hours they can both and relax and enjoy the party. This will also be the platform for friends to meet their family members. The party should have cocktails and beers only as the night is coming.
  • Book a Nightclub It is as simple as that but the party needs to have proper props. This is where our creative team comes and makes a night out of it.
  • Limousine or Party Bus Yes let us paint the town red. Depending on the location you can have bars, clubs hopping. Bangkok would the most appropriate place to do this.

If the young go to the party what about the rest. We can have dinner with some dance performances suitable according to the crowd, but MASTI (fun) is included. 

Day 04

The Sagaai/Ring Ceremony

The countdown for the seven day wedding has started and this is where the entire guest now follows the bride and the groom. This is also the day where all the guests will arrive. The religious functions will fall in place. Now, the wedding couples will have grooming sessions and clothes tryouts. We can make this engaging for the guests too. I might say the men will be slighted in this.

  • Ganesh Pooja It will happen at a given time mostly morning. It is usually a private affair but this is a destination wedding let's make it for all.
  • The Sagaai Depending upon how the guests are coming the ring ceremony can be done in the afternoon. I love the ring ceremonies in the afternoons it makes it more colorful. It starts with the dresses of the couple. You can be more vibrant with color choice and you can play with shades, perhaps seventies kind of shades. Our creative team can defiantly make that happen. It also gives more depth to the venue. We would recommend a poolside venue with cabanas and more.
  • RokaThis is primarily done when parents finalize the bridegroom at her house. A small `Shagaan' is given to the girl it could be money. I have seen `Roka' being finalized by giving sugar or Mishri (Rock Candy). Since we are creating a full storyline Roka seems an apt fit and can be done traditionally.

Day 05

Sangeet the day before the wedding

This is the day before the wedding both the bride and groom have to go on full self-grooming. They also have to follow certain rituals as per family.

  • Ganesh Puja Yes, the puja happens again. This differs from family to family though.
  • Mehandi This is for all the women of the house. The background can have a live performance with `Vedaai Kay Geet’. This used to happen in Sangeet but the definition of Sangeet has changed with time. Since we are talking about changing times let me suggest a new idea which can go with Mehendi – Nail Art. Get some nail art artists this also good for ladies who have an allergy to Mehendi.
  • TilakThis ritual is associated with the groom where the father of the bride and other elderly male members of the bride’s family put Tilak on the forehead of the Groom.
  • SangeetTime to party. It can be a themed event. These days everybody prepares dance routines so it could be brothers of Groom dancing for their Bhabi. Even parents of the groom and the bridegroom do choreograph routines.

Day 06

The Wedding

This day is all reaching the goal we all gathered – The Shaddi (Wedding). Just listing the events, yes everything will be well decorated and up to date. Team Mast Yatri makes sure you just enjoy the wedding and leave all details to us. 

  • Vaarpooja
  • Kanya Aagman - The Arrival of the Bride
  • Granthibandan and Varmala
  • Kanyadan
  • Havan
  • Mangal Fera
  • Saptapadi - The Seven Steps
  • Sindur & Mangal Sutra
  • Akhand Saubhagyavati – Blessings from Married Women
  • Aashirwad
  • Vidaai
  • The Grand Reception

Day 07

Gifts and Love

Yes, it was a fantastic wedding and by god’s grace, everything went smoothly. Now, the guest has gone you don’t have to push (Kind off) the near dear and ones. Let’s keep the last day to regroup and go on our ways with a promise to meet again soon. This is also the day where the relatives get their return-gifts. There are gifts shared as per rituals but this gift is out of love which gets opened immediately.  

  • Family BrunchNobody is going to wake up early so let us organize a Brunch. It will be a closed group family affair where nobody gets in. It can be a 4-5 hours of brunch where you can just chill-out. Pamper the young ones and the family members with gifts and share those laughter’s. Enjoy the day ad get ready to departure.

Little Twists Matters

Let's make it extra special!

Mast Yatri Special

  • Celebrity ChefThe marriage at this scale needs some royal twists. There are various ways to make it special, starting with food. Yes, you can book a venue with food but why just hand over the contract of food. Surely, you will get into details of how many dishes and starters you will have. You will also discuss various cuisine you will be serving but honestly you most of the time just hand over the contract of food. In come celebrity chef and the whole game plan changes. He will personalize the food for you. So think about getting one and we at Mast Yatri can help you in getting it done.
  • Celebrity Appearance and Dance PerformancesSince we have already got one celebrity why not get another. This time from the world of cinema aka Bollywood. A celebrity appearance or a dance performance by a celebrity does get the tempo high. The Sangeet party will get a new life and the guest will defiantly remember for a long time. One more thing, I would not recommend bringing the celebrity on the reception/wedding day. The reason is simple, the stars of the day are the bride and the groom.
  • Flower DécorWe all agree we all love beautiful flower decorations. The good news is Thailand is among the top ten exporters in the world. So while we are here why not take benefit of it. Go for the exotic varieties and you will see the difference. These flowers light up the place and your purse but do consider this option. The flower decorations do start from INR 100,000 and go beyond 20,000,000.

Final Words

Now, I can go on,   लेकिन जब हम मिलेंगे तो हम क्या करेंगे (but what will we do when we meet). I’m sure by now you have an idea about how to go about a seven day wedding. The details are plenty and need to be customized as per the client. Kindly call us at +91 702 1005 183 and you can also make WhatsApp voice and video calls on this number. You can always write to us at info@mastyatri.com.     

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