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Stage Designer and Stage Decorator at your Wedding

Yes, Stage Designer and Stage Decorator are two different people. A stage designer will create the stage keeping in mind the atmosphere and feel of the room. While the stage decorator will put props and elements to that room and make it attractive. Now, if you have hired these two separately there could be fireworks. The arguments between these two are legendry. If these two guys are not on the same page creatively things can go south. The wedding planner knows these things and they will never put fire and ice together. If you hiring them yourself and separately do be careful. So the best thing is to give the stage design and the stage decor to one person. Let us understand their roles and work with them effectively. 

Stage Designer

He will be designing your wedding stage backdrops, Mandap, and theme for your wedding.  The theme will include lights, texture, and colors. A Dj stage with your monogram is also part of stage designing. Stage designers are a creative lot who take lots of details. Depending upon the venue and number of guests the design varies. A smart designer will always design the theme with the elements already present.


If you are getting married at the beach, have a minimalist stage setting. The reason is simple beach location is already perfect you just need to merge with it. Once he sets the tone the décor elements will come into the picture to go with the theme.

Stage Decorator

Sofa sets, center table pieces, chairs, flowers, etc. will be added to the stage and the venue. He will be following the theme created by the designer. The color of the sofas or the flowers should match the theme. This is where a flower decorator will come in; he will be following the stage decorator guidelines.  If the theme is vintage it will be the duty of the stage decorator to collect décor items that have a vintage appeal.

The decorator can also help you in giving gift ideas. He will be a great help in wrapping these gifts also. The wedding trousseau, he can make it look grand with his packing ideas.

The other Guy

Resort/Hotel Management

Well, the stage designer and stage decorator will be working at the hotel venue. You managed to get the two working now let’s get the landlord ready. The resort has their vendors who they like to work with or they have worked with them earlier. They will also want you to go with those vendors too. The love triangle between these three can sometimes be damaging. We are not trying to scare you but now you know what to expect.


It would be a good idea to run down the name of the vendors with the resort. Then look for any signs of discomfort. You will be eventually coming with vendors for a site inspection. These three should meet on one platform and form their alliances.

Now, if you are in a hurry working with the hotel vendors can be fruitful. You are actually sorted. You have basically given 60% of the work to one vendor. The only problem I feel is a lack of creativity. They will show you different designs but if you look at the last two weddings the difference will not be much. Plus, there are specialists in this field who really create a unique piece every time. Major hotel brands now have in-house wedding planners. But, I feel they have a limited approach.

We at mastyatri.com have been into events for a long time. We have worked with different vendors who are specialists in their respective fields. Once the client is on-board we hire them to make a team. This way the clients get the benefit as all the specialists are working towards one goal – you’re wedding. We change these vendors according to the requirements of the client.  This way you will get the best every time you choose to hire our services.

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