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That Personal Touch at your Destination Wedding

If there is no personal touch at your destination wedding some great ideas might look faded. Hiring a babysitter for your friend’s baby will be remembered for a long time. Goodie Bag with a thank you note will add warmth to your gift.  A pickup from the airport with the car having your monogram can bring relief to your guests. They don’t have to bother about the way to the wedding venue after that. We have put some enhanced ideas and some old ideas with a twist. We will be updating this page with new ideas so keep checking.

Vehicle Decoration

It happens at the end of the wedding but I will start with this. Decorating the car can be so much fun. The Dulhan (Bride) will be coming in this car, leaving her house and entering yours. This has to be special and the cars should look fabulous. The florist has packages starting from INR 5,000/- to INR 50,000/-. I would not recommend open roof cars as the bride would want some privacy. She would be a bit sad and might be still crying. For the millennial though open car is fun so go for it.

Share Your Love Story

If it’s not an arranged marriage do share your candid photos at the wedding venue. You can also put some ten questions on the `he said she said’ format. For example who proposed first, who initiated the first kiss, who cooked the first dinner, who ate what on the first date, and so on. If it’s an arranged marriage I would recommend putting your parent’s love story. It should have photos from their wedding to when you came into this world. It should end where you got married and the story continues. 

The Food and the Gifts

Welcome Goodie Boxes

This has become a must when your guests arrive at the destination wedding. This is a good surprise when goodies are placed in the room. This could have chocolates, miniature drinks, some snacks, the options are plenty. Make sure the goodie bag has things that they can utilize within the wedding. It is not a takeaway home gift, which would be separate. You should also put a personalized note welcoming them. You can also put details of what’s coming ahead.  How you should present it I have shared those ideas here?

Sharing Your Favorite Foods

First, rather than going for a caterer, I would say hire a celebrity chef. Not only food but he will add a presentation to serve the food. You could also share some recipes from your family vault. It is something you cook, favorites from your mom, and granny.  Our team will sit with you and understand the recipe. The chef will take charge of the recipe and cook as you like at home. The same food might have been enjoyed by your friend and family. This will bring lots of memories and joy.

Customized Cocktails

Just like customized food why not cocktails too! We will create exclusive cocktails for your wedding. We can also share the recipes with you. These recipes can become memorabilia whenever you make these cocktails later in life.  Do invest some monies for creating a bar. The bar is the central attraction at your wedding. Most of the guests will be around the bar area. Our onboard team can create a unique bar setup depending upon your budget. 

For Life Long Memories

Bespoke Perfume

Yes, create your own fragrance. You can get it customized as per you. Bride and groom can have separate customized perfumes. They can also create one love perfume which they both like. These can be gifted to the entire guest. Make some extra bottles to last a decade. This will sure keep happy memories for a long time. Do note the bespoke perfume range starts from 5 Lakh onwards.   

You’re Wedding Music

A remixed music on a compact disc or customized pen drive! This can be played not just on your anniversary but your relative’s marriages as well. Your first dance song to the `talli song’ to the snake dance song all can be recorded and remixed.  

Photo Booth with Props

This you must have seen in clubs but it’s a good addition to have at your wedding. This will create lots of Instagram stories. With some fun props, it can bring the best drunk in you. Even the bride and groom can have some fun in the phone booth. If prompted right it can bring the child into our grandparents.  

The Late Night Party

The rituals and ceremonies can make the bride and groom very tired. We don’t blame them to leave for their room. It could be that they have plans for the first night or they are simply tired. But we at mastyatri.com know that some guest doesn’t want the party to end. The hotel we know will not allow liquor after 1:00 PM. We recommend our clients to let us handle these guests on their behalf. We can arrange some liquor and beers with some finger food in one room. The room should be the corner one and with very little sound.   

Do not forget to personalize these!

  • Invitations & Paper Goods
  • Personalized Aisle Runner
  • Towels
  • Handkerchiefs
  • Signage
  • Plants


The above ideas should not be done without personalizing your wedding theme. We have done a detailed blog on this here. We have listed these ideas and we have a professional on-board who can get these jobs done. Our creative team is ready to give you more bespoke ideas for your destination wedding. We do take care of Flights, Transportation, Visas, and Hotel reservations. The customization on these too can be worked out.   

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