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Wedding Concierge, Why Hire Him?

If you have already booked your wedding venue, you can take the help of a wedding concierge. He will find, inform, execute, customized your entire travel plan as per you 24×7. Once you have reached the wedding venue why worry about arrivals. You should be focused on getting ready for your wedding. Get busy to look good and fresh for your wedding rituals. A wedding concierge will take care of you and your guest’s travel plans. He will be the one-stop guy who will make sure everybody attends the wedding. He will keep you posted upon every arrival.

Personal Assistant, Wedding Planner, Travel Agent

Who is he?

Well, he is James Bond; he is a little bit of everything. The wedding concierge is a personal assistant because he will call everybody on your behalf. Keep everybody posted and updated on travel and transportation. It is his responsibility to book tickets, arrange transport, and even get visas done. Extended services if required, will accompany the whole group from your home to the airport. From the landing airport to the venue he will be with your guests. He will send you messages, emails, phone calls to keep you updated. This way you can focus on your wedding.

Hire Him Early!

With mastyatri.com the wedding concierge can help you with negotiating flight tickets. Since you get the best prices 3-4 months before your departure, it’s best he is on board. Sign a contract and make booking flight tickets, transportation, etc. part of the deal. This way he will also do his study about the area. He will study the market around the wedding venue and the city itself. Since he is from the travel industry he can get you on the spot tickets for tours and excursions. He will guide all your relatives and friends on the best means of transportation from home to the airport. Not only guide he will book the local transportation as well. I told you he is Bond, James Bond!

Service List

Following services is part of the wedding concierge. You can also take extended services that are available with mastyatri.com.

Flight Ticket Booking

Visas VOA/Visa from India

Transportation Local/Abroad

Managing and booking the accommodations

Personal Assistant

Travel from India

Currency Exchange


Itinerary Design


Extended Services

Bachelor and Bachelorette Party

On Spot Tours and Excursion Booking

Market Research            

Plus, unlimited supports from the time of booking service until you return from your trip.

Mast Yatri

Things to know before you hire

Since the wedding concierge is coming with you the cost of accommodation and flight tickets will be borne by you. Food though can be optional. You can also opt for a different hotel to save costs, do make this point clear in the contract. List out what services you require from him and make it part of the contract.

The job of the concierge is pretty hectic not to mention odd working hours. The working hours are eight hours a day but concierges at mastyatri.com are pretty flexible. Do tip him well for those extended hours.

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