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One of our makeup consultants Ruchi Junday’s call made me get ready in ten minutes. It was one o’clock in the afternoon and we have to reach by 3:00 PM. I have been asking her to take me to a live session of bridal makeup. What way to make it happen, a destination wedding in Kasauli, Himachal Pradesh! The bride of Kasauli is originally from Mumbai and the groom from Chandigarh. The day of the wedding was 25th November 2020. It took us one hour forty-five minutes to reach the destination.  The road was pretty good and the way was straightforward. The makeup included bridal makeup with six other family members. On day one it was the Sangeet/party makeup and on day two the makeup for the wedding.     

This day is also the day of Tulsi Vivah. The Tulsi wedding or Tulsi Vivah is significant as it symbolizes the beginning of the wedding season as per the Hindu calendar.

Lord Vishnu had blessed Vrinda to marry him in her next life. Therefore, Lord Vishnu, in the form of a Shaligram married Tulsi on Prabodhini Ekadashi. Tulsi Vivah commemorates the marriage of Lord Vishnu and Tulsi.

Mast Yatri

The Makeup Crew

Our in-house makeup consultant came along with two support staff, one driver the husband, and me. The plan was simple she will do the makeup of the bride. The other team members will do the makeup of sisters, mother, and friend. The party makeup usually takes around one and a half hours. The bride’s party makeup can go up to two and a half hours. On a wedding day, the bridal make can go for three hours plus. The makeup time is usually an hour plus. The inputs from the bride can increase the time of the makeup. You have to go with the ideas of the bride; after all, she is the star. Brides do get edgy for that perfect look but not the bride of Kasauli. She was cool and knew what she wanted.

It becomes easy if we get clear details, said Ruchi. That was also the time when I got the title of the blog in my head.

The Bride

Our bride of Kasauli gave clear instruction on what she needed for the Sangeet ceremony. She was apprehensive about the eyelashes though. She had never worn them but got convinced once they were put for a trial. The shorter version of the eyelashes was chosen by her. The eye makeup and the airbrush treatment went without a question. She did check it from time to time when a new makeup was put. This also helps the makeup artist. If there are any corrections it can be rectified then and there. The lip color suggestion was accepted by the bride. She was particular that the makeup shade matches the color on the neck. The hairstyle was done by the team member who was an expert in hairdo. The long curls and the makeup matched the sangeet’s red outfit. She was ready for the evening!


The bride’s wedding makeup went very smoothly. I felt the concentration was much more on the wedding lehenga. The favorite color for lehengas is usually red but off lately pink is in fashion. But our brides of Kasauli choose the yellow lehenga with gotta which suited her well. The yellow lehenga does go very well with the Indian skin tone. I guess the fashionista aspect of our bride showed in choosing the yellow color. The flying kiss at the end of the video just made our team’s day.

Let’s Enhance the Experience

Now, not all hotel properties are made for weddings. Some are gearing up for it as the market demands are increasing. But, they have one thing in common; they do not provide a makeup room. The hotel might have provided the best wedding solutions but not a makeup room. Surprisingly, the hotels and resorts have overlooked this aspect. I spoke with some other makeup artists and they said the same thing. The limited hotels that do provide a makeup room don’t want to rent/share. They will only give you this room if you hire their in-house makeup artist. I guess if you have practically charged for everything why not a makeup room. Those who don’t have a makeup room should look into adding one as a part of the wedding package.

This will enhance the wedding experience for the customers. Things like power plugs, professional lights, a well-lit room, and one big mirror is a must for getting ready. We at mastyatri.com understand these issues. For the Kasauli makeup, our team brought Canon’s ring light which sorted out our light problem.                  


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