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+91 702 1005 183 info@mastyatri.com

Hiring a Travel Desk for Your Destination Wedding

International destination weddings usually have fifty to a hundred guests. They come from one country but different cities. In another scenario, they come from various countries and cities. You will be having seasoned travelers to first-time travelers. These can be travelers with kids or grandparents or solo travelers. Each set of individuals will have their own type of worries or limitations. Reaching an airport and then arriving at the destination are two separate things. This is too much to take if the guests are first-time travelers. However, if you hire a travel desk for your destination wedding chaos can be controlled. The travel desk will make sure that all guests reach for the wedding.

There is pressure to reach on time as well for the guests. Even people coming into a group will need a group head. He will be sorting all queries of the group plus managing them to stay with the herd.  It can be too much to handle even if you are a seasoned traveler. Plus crossing immigration can be daunting sometimes. Not that the paperwork was not right but sometimes not knowing certain procedures can be a problem.  I have been in travel for 10 years now even after getting everything right we have frantic calls from the airport. When mastyatri.com discussed the idea of a travel desk we knew this will help the clients.

It would be ironic if the bride or the groom is busy solving travel issues at the wedding. 

Mast Yatri

Role of Travel Desk

This service is created exclusively for your wedding. Mastyatri always gives as part of the wedding planning. If you are doing the wedding yourself you can outsource it too. As a service, we will handle flight tickets, hotel bookings, transportation, and visas.


We love to stand with a placard at the airport and receive you too. No matter what time your guests arrive we are there waiting for them with a smile. We make sure we offer refreshments and drop them safely at the hotel

Get in Touch with us Early!

Three months is an ideal time, six months help us get you the best deals. Our team is capable of handling 100, 500, or 1000 guests. Our teams keep an eye on airfares, hotel deals so that we can offer you the best and cheapest deals. If the guest list is big an early start helps for getting the visas for everybody. Believe us documentation can take a lot of time. The travel desk is available 24×7 for people in different time zones. No matter what time is the landing our personnel will be there to greet the guests. Their transportation will be ready to drop them at the hotel.

If given ample time we are able to scout the hotel/resorts for the best deals. It also gives us a tool to negotiate better deals; you know the early bird prize!

Late Flights, Missed Flights, Missed Connecting Flights, Baggage Lost

We all have experienced this.

The travel desk for your destination wedding helps in this too. My travel company is an IATA approved agency we know the procedures. We will be able to help you with the above scenarios. We can’t be everywhere but we can always guide you to the best solution.

Believe us the travel desk wants you to be at the wedding. Oh yes! The last-minute booking, someone you missed, we are just a call away.

Tour and Excursions

You can always extend your stay after the wedding. We can rebook in the same room or suggest a better alternative. During or post marriage if the time period permits we can arrange tours for your family or a group. There will be a permanent member of our team to take up your query and get things done immediately. Do note in case of extended stay do confirm with us for the cancellation charges of the flight. You should also enquire about the rebooking charges for the flight.

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