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Getting Thai Visa in India

Thai Visa Documentation and Processes

These days it is better to get the Thai Visa in India itself to avoid any last minute problem or long VOA (Visa on Arrival) queue at Bangkok Airport. The queue at Suvarnabhumi Airport can become very long. Once it took me four hours to get out of the airport.

Getting Thai visa in India is a really easy and hassle-free process. It’s cheaper, THB1250 (Rs.2500/-) and is valid for three months. Visa on arrival fee, on the other hand, is THB2000 (Rs.4000/-).

Thai Visa Requirements

Formalities for Indian Citizens


Valid passport, with at least 6 months validity, from the date of arrival.

Application Form

One application form which two pages. One page is where you fill all your personal and travel details. The second page is a checklist of all the documents. Make sure your signatures are on both the pages.

Photograph Type

Two color photos (35mm x 45mm), not older than 3 months. The photo should have a white background with 80% face visible. Your teeth should not be visible in the photo, so no smiles.

Flight Tickets

Attach return air ticket photocopy with it.

Hotel Confirmation Vocher

Also, attach hotel booking voucher. Hotel booking should have your name on it. Try to have all names of people on the hotel booking form.

Proof of Income

  • Photocopy of the credit card with original credit card statements of last six months. Limit Should be minimum Rs.48,000/- Per Person
  • Last six months bank statement with original bank seal and a minimum balance of Rs.48,000/person.
  • Original currency exchange slips of at least USD 700 (seven hundred USD)/person/week with applicant’s name.

Guest Friendly Hotels – No Joiner Fee

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Thai Visa
Visa Application Form Thailand Delhi
Checklist Application Form Thailand Delhi

Group Booking Extra Formalities

If you are applying for a family of four people, the financial statements differ.

  • For a family, the amount you should carry with you is THB20000 (Rs.40,000/-) or the same should be reflected on your bank statement.

If you are a group of friends:

  • One person can sponsor all. He should have Rs.48,000/- into the number of people going. So if 10 people are going he should have Rs.480,000/- in his account.
  • You have to get bank statement with seal and signature. The original statement would be attached with the main sponsor. Rest all will have the photocopies.
  • In other case, if 10 friends are going then each person should attach separate bank statement. Each showing adequate funds of Rs.48,000/- in their accounts.  

Thailand Visa On Arrival

Tourist Visa and Tourist Express Visa

Bangkok Guest Friendly Hotels

No Joiner fee in these hotels

Sukhumvit Road

From Soi 8 to 14

Sukhumvit Road

From Soi 24 to 39

Sukhumvit Road

Rest of it

Sukhumvit Road

Soi 15 to 23

Sukhumvit Road

Soi 1 to 7
Bangkok Guest Friendly Hotels

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