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Thailand Visa on Arrival

There are two types of Visa
  • Tourist Visa or Visa on Arrival, cost 2000Baht (Rs.4000). You have to get in big queue.
  • Tourist Visa or Express Visa on Arrival, cost 2200Baht (Rs.4400/-), usually the queue are small.

Thailand Visa Formalities

  • A valid passport with at least 6 months validity from the date of arrival.
  • Two passport size photos. One will go on the form, second is a backup. Photo should have white background witth 80% face visible. Your teeth should not be visible in the photo, so no smiles.
  • One page visa on arrival form. Carry the filled form from home itself. It will help reduce the time you spent at the visa queue.
  • Attach return air ticket photocopy with it.
  • Also, attach hotel booking voucher. Hotel booking should have your name on it. Try to have all names of people on the hotel booking form.
  • You have to pay 2000 Baht (Rs.4000) as Visa Fee (Per Person). This fee can only be given in Thai Baht.
  • You should also have 10,000 Baht (Rs.20,000/-), this is proof of adequate finance for your stay in Thailand. In case of a family, you should have THB20,000 (Rs.40,000/-)

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Visa form has recently been made easier (February 2018). You should use the latest form only.

If you don’t use the lastest form, you will have to refill it at the airport. 

Thailand Visa on Arrival Form 2018
Thailand Visa on Arrival Form 2018

The Immigration Card

  • You will get immigration card in the flight. If you do not get one, you will get it near the immigration counter.
  • Give this with your passport and rest of the visa documents. They will staple this with your passport where they stamp your visa. You are required to show this when your return from Bangkok.
  • If you lose this card, you have to fill a new one and you will be waiting for half to one hour with the imigration officers.
Thai-Immigration-Arrival-Departure-Card 2018
Thai Immigration Arrival and Departure Card 2018
Currency Tips
  • Cary 6000-8000Baht from your country, you will require 2000Baht per person for visa fee. The visa fee can only be given in Thai Baht.
  • Since you have to show, THB 10000 carry that money in USD. There are many exchange booths in Bangkok and Pattaya.
  • Never exchange money at the airport; they do not offer good exchange rates.

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