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Incentive Tour Story So far

The incentives have always been the driving force behind achieving sales target. As far as I remember, it started with a clock as a gift for achieving the target. Then it was movie tickets and then came cash incentives and that drove the sales team like never before. With the arrival of information and technology and multinational companies, came incentive ideas that not only made employees go for it but also refreshed them. A massage coupon was the most sorted out incentive that everyone wanted in my office. Then came the incentive tour that was not only inspiring to drive sales but was also helpful for employees mentally.     

An incentive, which is given in the form of travel yields more results than your regular cash incentives. It not only benefits a company but employee also. An employee comes back relaxed, his energy levels restored and his brain has new ideas. An inspired employee can take new targets with renewed energy levels. If this incentive tours are in the form of `Family Incentive Tour’, the satisfaction level will be multifold.

Incentive Tour

Design the Itineraries

Incentives like travel, massage, movie ticket, home appliance etc. should be well thought off. If you send an employee to an average massage-shop or give mid-row movie tickets will not be as effective as cash reward. It goes for travel also if the tour is not designed properly this could become a disaster recipe. The employee feels cheated because he gave his best; still he did not receive his incentive as promised.  

This usually happens if the budget for the travel allotted was less and the employee has to pay the same amount from his pocket. Second reason is the thought process of the person/company who made this incentive. The incentive designed reflects the standard or the lack of it of that person. You can simply increase the target, but give a good itinerary travel plan that is all-inclusive.

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Budget it Right

Give the best or don't

I have seen so many unsatisfied employees after an incentive tour. Not only incentive tour but also dealer incentive tours get a huge blasting. An employee wants the best from his company, he declares among his friends and family that `The Company’ is sending him. It is a matter of pride for him. On the other hand, if a dealer incentive goes wrong, it directly projects the lack of standard of the company.

The solution is simple either give the best or do not give at all. If the travel incentive tour requires more budgets, increase the target. If targets cannot be increased then combine two or three schemes to make it feasible. For the dealers, why not give them a travel tour with five-star hotels. They will be happy to take on increased targets. Anybody can judge the value of five stars it is self-explanatory. If you want, dealers to be more aggressive about the scheme/incentive declare five-star hotel names.

Be wise and choose

Incentive Tour For Power Elite

The travel incentive tour is even more challenging if it is for CEO. How do you make an itinerary for people who have traveled extensively?  You cannot have clichéd tours, you have to be unique you have to give them an experience. That will require budget and an experienced team to make itineraries.

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Tours have to have a right balance of resting and exploring, it should not exhaust people. The itineraries and tours should be authentic and not tourist experience. Here are some more examples – Buffet or Customized Menu, Ballroom or Poolside Dinner, Tours or Experiences, Room check-in or Room check-in with a gift and so on. To make an effective itinerary, here is a checklist.

We at mastyatri.com have consultants and local DMC (Destination Management Companies) to help you organize and make itineraries that give you travel experience…so give best to get the best.

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