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My latest trip to Pattaya was with my friends. This was a great change as most of the trips to Thailand were with large groups. The corporate groups in tune to 40-60 pax left no `me’ time. Going to Pattaya in September made me realize why I love this place so much. It reminded me of my first solo trip in 2014; this trip bought back some good memories.

The weather was so pleasant which I have not experienced in Pattaya. The cold breeze at the beach made me spend a lot of time at the Pattaya beach. The beach was just a 2-3 minute walk from my hotel. That was another plus point which made our stay so pleasant.


made our stay heaven

We decided to save money where ever we can, so we traveled by bus in 130THB to Pattaya. The reason to save money was, let’s spend money on relevant things. Going to Pattaya as singles can definitely put a dent into your pocket. The vices do take over your brain. As soon as we boarded the bus, the rain started. It lasted for a good one hours or so. The whole fatigue of travel simply vanished. We had planned to sleep in the bus but nobody did.

In our three-night stay at Pattaya, there was not even a single time when we felt the heat. The breeze was blowing throughout the day. One of the mornings we all slept on the beach for more than two hours. The night breeze was so good that we skipped the walking street that night. Since we could drink on the beach it made the evening even better. We did made several trips to seven-eleven for our refills. There was one heavy drizzle in our three nights stay which lasted just fourt five minutes. As far as the weather goes Pattaya in September is 10/10.

Our Stay

Location, Location, Location

The hotel stay was the second factor which made Pattaya in September a memorable holiday. The location was a killer. It’s on Soi 2, if you are coming from Road no. 2 the land mark would be `Sabai Dee Soapy Massage’. If you are coming from road no.1 first hotel would be The Amari, second would be the Holiday Inn the next soi is Soi 2. I saw this hotel in 2013 when I visited Pattaya for the first time. I then stayed at A-One Star Hotel which is just diagonally opposite Sabai Lodge. A-One Star Hotels have 5 properties here one in the shape of a Cruise Ship.

Sabai is a guest friendly hotel. We took the deluxe room which was on the ground floor looking at the pool.  The room cost us INR 6100 for three nights, double occupancy. That comes to INR 3000 per person. We did not opt for breakfast. The room was clean, bathroom had a shower with toiletries. They did not have tea/coffee provision in the room. The hotel staff was good but paranoid most of the time. I felt they had pretty bad experiences with the customers. None the less I’ll give them 9/10 with the rates they gave. We had booked the hotel through agoda.com.        

Sabai Lodge and Hotel

Why it worked for us!
  • 300 meters to the beach
  • 200 meter to local massage shop
  • 210 meter to local grocery store
  • 260 meters to Teddy bear museum
  • 300 meters to Honey 2 Soapy Massage
  • 310 meters to Family Mart
  • 350 meters to Sabai Dee Soapy Massage
  • 400 meters to Sabai Rooms Soapy Massage/Dahi (Curd) Massage
  • 600 meters Central Marina Shopping Market
  • 600 meters to Alcazar Show
  • 700 meters to Soi 6
  • 750 meters to Drinking Street
  • 750 meters to Tiffany Show
  • 950 meters to Terminal 21 Mall
  • 1.2 kms to Central Festival Mall
  • 1.8 Kms to Art in Paradise

Walking Street

Overcrowded and Expensive

I saw lot of changes in Walking Street in terms of establishments getting close and new ones popping up. Sugar baby, The Gentlemen club a gogo are shut. New ones have taken place; I went to `Panda a gogo’, the experience was bad. We left the place leaving our drinks. The gogo’s on the main street are charging exorbitant rates. If you want to enjoy happy hours at gogo explore the inner Soi’s. The Tony Disco has been over taken by Nashaa Club. There are now 5-6 nightclubs that only play Hindi and Punjabi music. The crowd too is mostly Indians.

I won’t recommend these places for couples. The music played in these places is horrible. I feel there is no Dj, there is just a guy who changes Cd’s or clicks on new songs. If you stay there long you will find the music repetitive. It sometimes feels marriages back home where one or two songs keep repeating. The entry is free but the food and drinks are expensive. These establishments don’t bother about food; the menu is just a formality. The other funny part is décor, all these places more or less are the same.

Great fun to watch Thai, Russian and Uzbekistan girls dancing on Punjabi tunes and doing great Bhangra!

Mast Yatri

All in all I would recommend Pattaya in September. It is suitable for families, couples, Honeymooners, friends and solo travelers. The weather is a plus point; the hotels are cheap being off-season. It is not crowded you can enjoy the laid back Pattaya. If you are not going in September, do get in touch with us for family packages. There are lot of good places to stay in Pattaya with family.

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