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The Indian dream to travel foreign location is growing day by day. At the same time the travel should also be economical. I suggest Bangkok for families, they however usually show there apprehensiveness.  I have managed to convert this negativity around Bangkok and have sent families to Bangkok and Pattaya. They have come back happy too. Bangkok is over judged and all that I have covered in my other blog. In this blog I will give you all the reasons to go to Bangkok and Pattaya and have a wonderful vacation with your family.

Let us Know Thailand and not Bangkok

Thailand is big and consists of mainly Bangkok, Pattaya, Phuket, Koh Samui, Krabi, Chiang Mai and Hua Hin. These are the most popular tourist destination in Thailand. You can explore Isaan and other country sides for more in-depth Thailand. Sure, Bangkok is famous as singles heaven and nightlife. But, you can avoid these by simply not staying in these areas.

Like any other country these single paradise (Red light areas) are limited to certain areas.  The perception is that it exists everywhere in Thailand. In Bangkok Soi Cowboy, Nana Plaza, Patpong and in Pattaya Walking Street, Soi 6 and So LK Metro, avoid them. Once you avoid these areas, Bangkok for families becomes a reality. In Phuket there is only one entertainment center which is the Bangla Road. Simply book your hotel on the other side of Phuket and you are sorted. Rest of Thailand cities do not have in your face places like Nana and Walking Street these areas are not for families.


Do not buy packages

Yes, it is as simple as that. In a package you get pre-defined hotels and that is a problem. Either the companies have direct contact with the hotel or they make you stay somewhere far off in the city. I always qualify a client by knowing whether they are singles, friends, couples or families. This helps me suggest the right location for the hotel. A bad hotel location will spoil your stay. Plus, the tours in these packages are time bound, when you are with family it can be a problem. You might be tired or your kids simply want to play in the pool. You can say no to the tour but you have already paid for it.

If you have certain food habits, packages can be a problem. Some hotels don’t serve the food you like at all! You can eat outside but what if the nearest restaurant is far off. This is where the hotel location comes into picture. That goes for the tours like the Coral Island Tour in Pattaya where the options are very limited. But the lunch is usually part of this and you have no option but to eat what you get. 

Customized Itinerary

The shortcut to vacation is to buy a holiday package. Well, that’s what every portal is selling and the writers do such a good job in explaining that it looks like a fairy tale. Now day’s even pre-fixed departures are available. But, have you noticed that offline market is still flourishing. The offline markets are the travel agents. They still have offices and are still getting clients. The two major differences is one there is face to the person from whom you are buying second he can suggest you more than a package. The good travel agents or travel consultants like us make Bangkok for families.

We have traveled to the said destinations. There is a power of suggestions which makes us different from portals. I give places which can be reached free from your hotel. Suggestions like, buy a local sim card (do not activate international roaming no matter what the telecom company says), buy a travel insurance (costs is between INR 800-1100), avoid taxi scams use Grab Taxi and so on.


Places to go with families with kids

How Bangkok for Families is a reality!

The activity Bangkok offers is huge. They have kid’s playgrounds like Kidzania and funarium, kidzoona, imaginia, Snow town and more. Among amusement parks they have Siam Park City, Fantasia Lagoon, and Dream World. Places like Dinosaur Park, Art in Paradise, Madame Tussauds, Ocean world are great activities for kids. Not to forget zoo and animal parks like Dusit Zoo, Safari World, Siam Ocean World, Snake and crocodile farm they even have a Butterfly Garden.

Do not forget to take your kids and families to Lumpini Park. It is a one forty two acre park. It is the oxygen source for Bangkok. You can also do cycling between 10:00AM and 15:00PM.  Lumphini Park is a multi-purpose park. Many activities are provided for citizens and tourists. The park is a green area. There are trees, flowers, lakes, and animals. Being a public park, the entry to the park is free.

You can also see the iguana lizard walking here and there.

Shopping Malls in Bangkok Cater to all Age Groups

Malls for kids and families

Bangkok Malls are talk of the world; you can compare it with Dubai Malls but Bangkok malls have there own zing. They cater to all types Shopping, Entertainment, awesome food courts, and clothing and yes they are kids friendly. Malls like MBK Centre, Siam Center, Siam Paragon, and Central World have special areas for kids. You can check out the details over here.

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