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An Indian marriage usually lasts for three days. Among other bridal concerns, bridal makeup tops the chart. Destination weddings are mostly happening on beaches these days. You cannot have regular makeup as beaches are either dry or humid. Your regular bridal makeup will come off before you even reach the Mandap. We do like to meet the bride before the wedding to understand her skin and skin tones. I am listing the common beach wedding makeup questions which are asked by the Indian Bahu.

How many make ups are there for a three day Indian wedding?

A three-day wedding will have three makeups. The makeups are Sangeet, Wedding and the Reception respectively. If you are having an elaborated Mehendi ceremony we do recommend light or party makeup. The makeup is not only for the bride but family and friends too. The Mehendi ceremony is a colorful affair with Mehendi, décor, outfit, and jewelry. Floral jewelry is in fashion these days.  I would also recommend going with a light matt pink lipstick. Even a no-makeup cleansed face will look very attractive.          

What is a prep time required before you start a bridal make-up?

The preparation of makeup usually starts at-least one or two months back. Waxing, bleaching, threading, facial, manicure, a pedicure is must do before the wedding. You can opt for hair color but a hair spa is a must.  Another preparation we do suggest is to make your body healthy and glowing. For that, plenty of sleep and drinking a lot of water helps. Going for massages and spa just adds to get that glow on the skin. On the wedding day, we require just fifteen minutes to set up shop at the location. 

What should be the beach wedding makeup for the bride?

Since it is going to be humid and hot!

The makeup required for a beach wedding should be silicon based makeup. As it is waterproof and stays longer. Go for Airbrush makeup. The bases used should be lighter. The beach is not a place to do corrections. Adding more makeup will only ruin it. Just use blotting paper to dab and not rub the makeup. Do use a generous amount of sunscreen and let it soak in. It will help the makeup stick longer. Also, don’t use a lip gloss it will get sticky with the moisture.

What should be the hairstyle as it can get windy on the beach?

Preferably go with messy buns with some curls coming out. Adding a small sprig of flowers won’t hurt either.

How to take off the bridal make-up after the wedding is over?

Always use a makeup remover for removing the makeup. Always do C.T.M. that is cleansing, toning, and hydrating after removing the makeup. If you are not having a makeup remover you can use a good cleanser or coconut oil to remove your makeup.

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