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Ashoo Balani

Ashoo Balani

Ashoo Balani

Flower Decorator and Stage Designer


`Never say it cannot be done’, is her motto.

She is a veteran in the field of wedding decorations. Stage setup or flower decoration, her experiences of 18 years have created masterpieces.  She has been behind the scenes making weddings beautiful in the tri-city of Chandigarh, Mohali, and Panchkula. Her own brand `Dream Themes’ is synonyms in the Punjab region too.  Her talent doesn’t stop there, she can do bar setups, lighting, and getting the best furniture for your wedding.    


Flower Decorations100%
Stage Setup100%
Light Decorations90%
Bar Setups85%

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Phone : +91 702 1005 183
Email : info@mastyatri.com