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Bangkok Hua Hin

Bangkok Hua Hin Direct Bus from Suvarnabhumi Airport

Yes, there are direct buses to Bangkok Hua Hin from Suvarnabhumi Airport. You can get the bus at Level 1 at the Pattaya-Haa Hin counter, which is near gate no.8. The traveling time is 4hrs. and will cost you 269THB. It stops at two stations only – Bangkok Bank at Cha-am Intersection and Hua Hin Bus Station, which is from Hua Hin Airport.  You can book online here.

Bangkok Hua Hin from Suvrnabhumi Airport
Bangkok-Hua Hin from Suvarnabhumi Airport
Bus Travel Policy
  • Customers must see our staff at “Pattaya-Hua Hin” counter on Level 1, Gate No. 8 with a service voucher or a confirmation letter in order to issue tickets and baggage tags before boarding. Otherwise, passport or I.D. with the same name is also valid.
  • The boarding will generally start 10 to 15 minutes before departure time.
  • Be sure to book the coach departure time that allows you to pick-up your checked baggage, get the visa and pass immigration and customs clearance. The coach departure time shall be at least 2 hours after estimated time of arrival (ETA) of your flight.
  • Missing the coach automatically cancels your ticket/booking. You cannot use it for the next coach.
  • However, in a case of flight delay, our staff will arrange the next available coach for you (only when ETA is at least 2 hours away from the booked coach) except for the last coach departure time. If there is no available seat, you will have to find an alternative transportation at your own expense. The ticket/booking is, however, not refundable.

From Other Bus Station

Three different bus services run from or through Bangkok Hua Hin route. The blue air-con buses to and from Bangkok, VIP and other AC buses that head south and the local orange buses that go to Pranburi and Petchaburi.

Bus Bangkok Hua Hin from Sai Tai Mai
Bus Bangkok-Hua Hin from Sai Tai Mai

Air-conditioned buses, run by Hua Hin Pran Tours depart for Bangkok from Sra Song Road.

The first bus is at 2.00am and half-hourly thereafter until 10.20pm. The journey takes 3hrs. 30Min. and will cost you 166THB.

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By Train – Traveling Time 4Hours 30 Minutes

Train routes from Bangkok Hua Hin are normally more picturesque than bus routes and whilst this method of travel is generally slightly slower than the buses, it is infinitely more comfortable, particularly on long and overnight journeys.

Second Class Fan Train
Second Class Fan Train

There are three classes of accommodation – 1st, 2nd, and 3rd. 1st class sleeper compartments are air-conditioned and for two people. They have a washbasin and there is even a cold-water shower in the carriage’s toilet. You can order food and drink in your compartment.

Second class accommodation comes in a variety of formats. Sleepers with bunk beds – In these, the arrangement is open-plan and the carriages are either air conditioned or with the fan. Alternatively, either there are seated carriages, which can be air-conditioned or fan cooled. Both are comfortable ways to travel shorter distances during the day. The second-class fan ticket will cost you 402THB and second-class sleeper fan will cost you 552THB.

Finally, third class carriages come with either padded or wooden benches and are surprisingly clean and comfortable for short journeys. It is an experience; you want to have as a single traveler. It will remind you of home trains in India.

Tickets are available from Hua Hin station on the day of travel, but for the more luxurious carriages, advance booking is advisable. This is particularly essential during holiday periods when the trains are sure to be full. On the longer, more popular routes, advance tickets are available 90 days before your date of travel.

Van Traveling to Hua Hin from Bangkok

Check in point of Malee Van at Sai Tai Mai Southern Terminal is located at platform number 9. Traveling by van can take three hours and will cost you 180THB.

Bangkok Hua Hin Van
Bangkok Hua Hin Van


  • Van operator does not guarantee your departure time as it mentioned on your booking voucher, they use First-come, first-served service policy, when a van is full, it leaves and you need to wait for the next one (approximate waiting time is 30 minutes).
  • Check in 30 min. before departure time.
  • For big luggage, please buy an additional seat.

You can book a minivan if you are in a large group. Nine people can sit and they will charge you around 3000THB.

Taxi to Hua Hin

Camry Taxi
Camry Taxi

Taxis can pick you up from your hotel. The travel time is 3 hours. They will charge you 2000THB for a Camry.



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