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Going from Don Mueang to Pattaya

If your flight has reached Don Mueang Airport, read on. You should refer to my earlier blog if you landed at the Suvarnabhumi Airport.

Knowing Don Mueang Airport

I’ve been to this airport in 2013. So if any changes have taken place, I would not be knowing. It is comparatively a smaller airport than Suvarnabhumi, with fewer duty-free shops. After landing, it just takes 2-3 minutes to reach the immigration counter. Get in line with all the documents, pay the fee and get it checked and off you go to the immigration counter for the visa stamp. If you haven’t read my earlier blog, please do so, to understand the formalities of visa in full detail. Once out, collect your bag and head out. The way out is also not long.

Mode of Transportation to Pattaya

Ekkamai and Mo Chit Bus Terminal

Here again, you can hire a taxi for 1000-1500Baht or you can go by bus to reach Pattaya. The bus doesn’t go from Don Mueang airport directly. Nor there is a metro station at the airport. You have to take a cab to reach the metro station.

The best website to book any local transport that I have come across is 12Go.asia.com. You can book domestic flights, taxi, buses, and even ferry and they have very competitive pricing compared to other websites.

There are no buses from Don Mueang Airport as we have from Suvarnabhumi airport. You have to go to the nearby bus stop. There are two bus stations that you can choose – Eastern Bus Station (Ekkamai) and the Northern Bus Station (Mo Chit). I took Mo Chit bus station as it was less tricky. I took a cab for 150 THB from the airport to reach Mo Chit. Then I took a bus from there to Pattaya for 108 THB. The first bus service starts at 4:30 AM; it would be beneficial if you have reached early in the morning. It takes One and a half hours to two hours to reach Pattaya from here.

Departure Times Eastern Bus Terminal (Ekamai) To Pattaya Bus Terminal

  • Buses leave every 30 to 40 minutes from Ekamai
  • The first bus leaves at 05:00 and the last bus leaves at 23:00. The bus fare is 108 THB

Departure Times Northern Bus Terminal (Morchit 2) To Pattaya Bus Terminal

  • Buses leave every 30 to 40 minutes from Morchit-2
  • The first bus leaves at 04:30 and the last bus leaves at 22:00

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Guest Friendly Hotels – No Joiner Fee

Informing the Hotel

The check-in/check-out time in all hotels in Bangkok and Pattaya are 1400/1200 hrs. respectively. Do inform your hotel in advance, if you want an early check-in and if you are checking in late do inform the hotel so that they do not cancel your booking. Things like these usually do not happen, but you never know, they might have overbooked, and you will be on the back foot for not informing.

Do ask the hotel if you can get an upgrade, the point is simple you do not ask you do not get. I have been lucky myself all I have to do was pay a one time fee of 500Baht for all three days.

Mast Yatri

After your check-in, the first thing you should do is get an oil massage and without the extras. You need to save a lot of energy for the rest of the day. I would go for a beer after the massage…what would you do!


PS: What to do when you reach Pattaya, read my next blog `Pattaya Travel Guide’ and if you are going towards Phuket here how you can go.

Bangkok Guest Friendly Hotels

No Joiner fee in these hotels

Sukhumvit Road

From Soi 8 to 14

Sukhumvit Road

From Soi 24 to 39

Sukhumvit Road

Rest of it

Sukhumvit Road

Soi 15 to 23

Sukhumvit Road

Soi 1 to 7
Bangkok Guest Friendly Hotels

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