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Different Type Of Thai Massage

Thai Massage Explained

Foot Massage, Body Massage, Thai Massage, Couple Massage

When I was in Pattaya I used to take two massages a day. For the fact that Thai massage was cheap (Rs.800 for full Body massage), the same massage in India would have cost you anywhere between 2500 to 5000 rupees. The first Thai massage was in the morning just to relax my body from the last night partying. It also used gear me up for the day. The second one was in the evening between 4-5PM. This would relax me for the hard day work. Where I have roamed around in Pattaya streets. I used to sleep in these massages it would rejuvenate me and give me the energy for the night party. So you see it was a 360-degree approach for a healthy holidaying.


The Foot and the Body Massages

Well, the first one and the cheapest is the foot massage. This massage is for 1hrs. If you are an avid walker like me, you will find this foot massage heaven. Once I have walked 10km in exploring streets of Pattaya. It was hot like hell and I was thirsty, then this lady called `Honey mmmassage’, and off I went in. I had the best foot massage ever, I even dose in the chair for like, half an hour. The massage was 150Baht and I paid her 100Bahts as a tip, which was received with a big smile and a hug…yup. So guys always tip.

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The second would be the Thai Massage. They will basically do a lot of stretching in this. Stretch your legs till you can’t stretch any more, twist your body and your neck as well. In the end, your whole body is pain-free and you are ready to walk again.

The oil and aroma massage are the same. Except for the oil in the other massage is `Aromatic’. This is one of the massages I used to always sleep. They do this for an hour.

The Process of Massage

For the first timers, you have to take all your clothes out, even your undies. They will give you a towel to cover your privates. You have to lie down on your stomach.

First, they will rub your back from shoulders to your feet. This will include rubbing your buttocks as well. They are not allowed to touch a man’s private part. If they do, well as I have written earlier you will either be asked or that’s your subtle hint to ask/get that `extra service’. Then they will turn you around and oil massage from top to bottom. Not your face and not your private region. And for all Indian friends out there they also don’t do head massage in this. The whole massage is neck down to the toe.

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I usually go to these massages to relax. I hate that chit-chat which these ladies do when they are doing the massage. It could be a friendly chatter or they are trying to qualify you, whether to ask you for that `extra service’. They will also encourage you to ask, as they will start rubbing their breasts. I love to sleep in this massage sessions because they are so damn soothing. If I want that extra service, I’ll go somewhere else who specialize in those extra services. Remember guys Pattaya is full of multiple options.

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Couple Massage – Don’t Worry

Couples who go to these massage parlors, should not be vary. Once you go as a couple, they know either you are husband-wife or girlfriend-boyfriend. They are very professional in this regard and you will never be offered that `extra service’. But if couples have gone to bring zing to their sex life or gone exploring new things…hey you can always ask.

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