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Tantra Massage, Reaching Your Moksha

Reaching Your Moksha


The art of massage was discovered in India. It was used till the olden days the `Rishis and Munnis’ perfected the art of healing with these massages. It was used to cure a lot of ailments and I’m sure lots of kings and queens of India had benefitted from them. And then when modernization happened it stopped. Tantra massage, on the other hand, had a different approach altogether.  

Yes, you have to actually look for people who know this art in India. It lost its power with a lesser number of healers. For the fact whenever you say massage in India, the first thing a guy think is something else. The massage parlors people will confirm that they have been approached for something else than a massage. Something else refers to is sex.

Massages Experience Back Home

Now how did massage, the art of healing got this reputation, I don’t know. My massage experience in India has been ok. I feel that they don’t know how to do a massage. Sometimes I have to tell a masseuse that I can barely feel his/her hands. Their hands were supposed to touch and press those pressure points which will help me reduce pain or stress or even ailment such as a knee pain.  But all they do is press anywhere, put some aromatic oils, give a good ambiance and charge me a bomb. They will also hire the best guys to write the best descriptions about the massages.

The description and origins of those massages are taken from the internet and are copy-pasted into their menu. But have they actually understood what they have written. Who was there guru who taught them, moreover even if they had one, who did it he learned from? After all, it’s an ancient art.  I’ll leave you to it and think over it.

Mast Yatri

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The meaning of Tantra Massage

Tantra Massage

I went to this website which was offering `Tantra Massage’. The website accepts the fact that its origins are from India from the olden times. As I said we have lost what was ours and Thais are perfecting it and providing it the way it should be. Tantra means a belief, a tradition of meditation where one channelizes divine energy of the body to attain Moksha. So go figure. I will not get into details as I’m not an expert in this subject I’m just a traveler who had got this massage and felt good.

Tantra Massage, How It’s Done

The massages which I have covered earlier do the massage neck down to toe leaving the middle. Tantra goes a bit beyond, Head to toe and middle as well. Plus, they will also tantalize your senses by moving a peacock feather on your body and later with a silk cloth. For some this is erotic massage and it is. The Tantra massage claims to rejuvenate your libido aka the testosterone. So from rubbing your balls to your anus (you are reading it right) is all part of Tantra massage. So come prepared if you are shy for this kind of massage

There Are Always Some Extras

What’s Happening in The Room

They had individual rooms. There was a mattress on the floor and enough space for one person to move around. The sheets smelled fresh. It was a dimly lit room with some light fragrance of the burning aromatic oil. The one plus point was they very careful that there are no noises. Though the rooms were adjacent, they made sure I took my shoes out, so there is no noise from the shoe. Also, the masseuse made sure that we did not talk in the corridors, she even spoke slowly in the room as well. The only one minus point here was that the bathroom was not attached to the room.         

They do provide Extras, happy endings and full service with the massage. You can also choose two masseuses. It is also called a `four hand’ massage. Massage timings vary from one hour to 3 hours. The price is a bit on the higher side, starting from 2000-6000Baht. They do outcall services as well. All you have to give them is a one-hour notice. They will come to your hotel room with all the necessary gear.

Overall a fantastic experience, my testosterones were rejuvenated. I did not attain `Moksha’ though, I think I need to practice more.

Mast Yatri

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  1. Lubos Veskrna

    Yup, that is a pretty lovely place. Masseuses are beautiful and cheerful and the whole service standard is very high. You should definitely visit if you don’t want to miss out a really great experience. The place really got me impressed. Home in Prague I can think of only about one or two places that can come to par (my favorite: https://eroticmassagepraha.cz/en/tantric-massage/ ).

  2. Alvaro

    Hey MastYatri
    A couple of good friends are having their honeymoon in Patong Beach, and want to book them a nice couple tantric massage. My girlfriend and I had the experience in Germany and it was one of the best things we could have done. Any high end spa where I can make arrangements for them? The idea is to have them in the same room/bed with 2 massage parlors working on them simultaneously.

    Thanks in advance

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