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Pattaya travel is like going to Las Vegas; if Las Vegas is all about money; Pattaya is the place for spending that money. Since there are a lot of attractions and places where you will be spending money, it is but wise to save money and spend it in Pattaya for that once-in-a-lifetime experience. You can pay THB1200 in a taxi to go to Pattaya or I pay THB250 and go in a Luxury Bus. Both take more or less the same time. Moreover, the money you save from this you can do better things in Pattaya…wink wink.

Best Budget Pattaya Travel

Let me tell you the most important thing – doing Pattaya travel is very easy. Do not spend money with Travel Agents, Travel Portals, and Travel Packages and not even with people who are ready to give you their apartments. Travel agents who will provide packages are only bothered with the ticketing and the hotel booking. That is where they make their money. Rest of the things are mostly put in to look attractive. Therefore, do your homework before you go.

Google it Out

You can go to these tourist spots by yourself. You do not need a travel agent to take you there. Do some research on Google; you will get tons of information by just searching for `Top ten Places to see in Pattaya’. Therefore, knowledge is the key and Google is the answer.

Travel agents/portals will not even take you to all the places. They will cover only 1-2 places tops, in your 6-day/7 Night package. For the rest, you have to pay extra. Another good thing you can do to have a great Pattaya travel is to `GET A TRAVEL INSURANCE’, the price you pay is way to less than your loss.

Best Budget Pattaya Travel

Here is an example for you – I took Bombay – Kuala Lumpur – Bangkok flight it took the total time of 9 ½ hours, which included 2 Hour 15 Minutes layover at Kuala Lumpur Airport. A direct flight takes 4 hours 15 minutes. However, with this flight, I was able to save six thousand rupees. The other point is that direct flights usually reach during early hours 3 AM or 5 AM, and you still will not be able to start your day. You will still go to the hotel and sleep. On the other hand, I slept en-route Bombay-Kuala Lumpur flight that was 5 Hours 15 Minutes. I slept within minutes, as it was 2:15 in the morning. I had already eaten and was least interested in the food and drinks.  Oh! I enjoyed my layover at the Kuala Lumpur Airport as well.

Booking a Hotel

As far as booking a room in Pattaya is concerned, you should not book a room in a luxury hotel. A 3 Star or even a 2 Star hotel will do in Pattaya. I have gone out of my room by one clock in the afternoon and have partied until 5:00 AM in the morning. When you doze at 5:00 AM in the morning, getting up even at 10:00 AM is likely. In another scenario, if you have brought company along you are not getting up at all. Moreover, the company is not bothered about what hotel you took her to; she is only bothered about what you have agreed to pay her.

Therefore, even if your hotel has the best of the facilities, you are not going to utilize them. If it is a five-day trip, chances of you using even the pool are rare. I have never seen or heard any of my friends utilizing the gym facility even when their hotel had that facility. You will need plenty of energy for another exercise in Pattaya but that is not in the gym. In Pattaya, you will be out of your hotel most of the time. Sometimes I have not even utilized my free breakfast as I was sleeping.

Check Out the top Five Pattaya

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