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Pattaya Nightlife: The Whole Nine Yards

आप इस ब्लॉग का हिंदी संस्करण यहाँ पढ़ सकते हैं

No matter what anybody says Pattaya nightlife rocks. There are so many entertainment venues where you can party until the morning. In India, the nightlife usually starts at 10:00 PM and fades by 1:00 AM. But not in Pattaya, the nightlife starts from 1:00 AM and goes till 5:00 AM or even 6:00 AM. Hundreds of beer bars, discos/nightclubs, gogo bars, entertainment shows, and adult shows spoil you for choices. I will guide you on what all you can do from the time the sun goes down.     

There is no place for kids or families in the night. Families should stay only in Jomtien Area.

Best time to go between 7:00 Pm - 10:00 PM

Massages and Shows

I would recommend a massage to get ready for the big night. It will relax your muscles and boost your hormones. Yes, you will need those. For those with extra energy try the soapy massage. The evening is the best time to go as you will find the most attractive girls at that time. You have the option of 50-100 girls for massage. Do buy a beer and look at all the options before you finalize it.

Entertainment Shows

This is also a good time to go for the Alcazar show or the Tiffany Cabaret Show. It is a seventy-minute show. The first show starts at 5:00 PM and the last show is 9:30 PM. If you have already seen those why not try the `Kaan Show’. It is a kid-friendly show too. They only have one show a day at 7:30 PM and the show duration is 75 minutes.      

Adult Shows

Show 69, Shock-Show 79, Big Eye Show, Russian Show are few of the show meant only for adults. I won’t reveal too many details about the show but just don’t sit in the first row. These shows are in one place so you don’t have to worry about roaming. The first show starts at around 6:00 PM and the last show is by 9:00. Each show is for one hour.

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Best time to go between 10:00 PM - 12:00 PM

Beer Bars of Pattaya

Though beer bars are everywhere if you are looking for a cheap beer you should go to Soi 7. However, if you are looking for some female company and a shower later you should defiantly go to Soi 6. Though the best time to go is 4:00 PM going at 10:00 PM is equally good. 

LK Metro Beer Bars

You can also check-out the LK Metro area. They also serve cheap beer and if you don’t like too many crowds this is the place to go. Soi LK Metro has Bars and go-go bars and the famous Devils Den is here.

Walking Street Beer Bars

The beer garden is a go-to place that is at the entrance of the walking street. This is also a place if you want to have breakfast six in the morning. The bars in walking street play live music and there are some bars with karaoke. Some bars play live rock music which you can hear from far.  Just choose your bars as you walk by as you can see the inside of the bars while walking the walking street.

Upscale Beer Bars

If you want to go one notch up I would recommend the Hooters and the Hard Rock café. You will get good food with good ambiance. You will also find a collection of premium beers, cocktails, and wines. Saturday night parties at hard rock café are quite famous.     

If you don’t mind spending a bit high and want a lounge experience the Hiltons Horizon Bar is a must go. You can watch the Pattaya Beach from the top, a nice place to take selfies. You should also try to come to this bar at the time sunset, the view is panoramic. Another bar worth mentioning is the Roof Top Bar at Siam@Siam. They also have an infinity pool like Hilton.

Best time to go between 10:00 PM -12:30 AM

Gogo Bars of Pattaya

As I have written so many times gogo bar category is one of a kind and only exist in Thailand.  Defining roughly – Dance Bar + Strip Club + Bar = ‘Gogo’ Bar. You can check more details about gogo bars here.


They all are in one place the walking street. There are more than fifty gogo bars and you can do a gogo bar hopping. If you don’t have drinks inside they will not let you sit. Skyfall, Sapphire, and What-up a gogo are my favorite. You can see the top five lists here. They can get quite expensive if you start buying `Lady Drinks’ which are the norm in these bars. One drink can cost between 150-250 Baht. Most of the gogo bars do offer `Happy Hours’ between 8:00 – 10:00 PM. But the real energy comes after 10:00 when the bars get full. The rush usually subsides after 12:30 midnight. That is the time to hit the nightclubs.

LK Metro Gogo’s, I would say are reasonably priced. They are not pushy for drinks and the girls there are eager to please you. I go to these gogos because the service is better and the mama-sans are not pushy for drinks.  Also, they never get too crowded. These are the only two places where you will find gogo bars in Pattaya.

Best time to go between 12:30 Midnight - 06:00 AM


All nightclubs are on walking street. Entry is free inside these nightclubs. But, you need to buy drinks to stay inside. They do check if you are having a drink or just fooling around. The nightclubs open at 10:00 PM but the best time to go is 1:00 AM. You can party until the morning after that.  The price of drinks is high, 250 Baht per drink. Club Naasha, Tony’s Arabic Disco, Raas are nightclubs that play Hindi, Punjabi, and English commercial music. These clubs are popular with the Indian crowd because of Punjabi tunes.

If you want to dance on Hip-hop and club music Lucifer and Club Insomnia are the places to go. You have to be dressed in smart casuals. They might be indifferent to the Indian crowd. Just tell them that you are ready to buy drink coupons that should resolve the problem. 

Best time to go - All Night

Street Food of Pattaya

You need to eat food if you want to survive the night. Do try the street food it’s non-expensive, safe, and tasty. They are scattered around Road No. 2 and Beach Road. You can see those lined up on Beach Road, in sois (Lanes) of the road no. 1. Walking street lanes are also having food carts that serve tasty food. Sea Zone is famous in the walking street; they serve very fresh seafood. You have to pick your catch from the aquarium.  There are night markets that pop on road no. 2. I have listed my top restaurants here.     

You can discover all in one night or if you have time to enjoy every aspect of nightlife daily. On day one beer bar hopping, second-day gogo bar hopping, and so on. We organize Yacht Parties and pool parties for groups (10 and above pax). 

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